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Founded in 2005 in Beijing, China, LEFIS has continuously absorbed the power of advanced optoelectronic technology and quickly developed into China’s leading comprehensive service manufacturer of beauty equipment. Cooperating with world-renowned spare parts suppliers, we continuously improve the performance of the equipment and improve the safety of the products. Therefore, nowadays our digital production capacity is increasing day by day. With the pursuit of safety and performance, LEFIS has become one of the most influential Chinese beauty equipment brands in the world.



Lefis factory in Beijing, China

Considering customers’ high requirements for technological advancement and instrument safety, we cooperate with world-renowned accessory suppliers, including HERAEUS in UK, DILAS in Germany, and BISON, DSE and LASEROPTEK in South Korea, etc. At the same time, our products have obtained a series of certificates such as FDA, EU CE certification, ISO13485, ROHS, CFDA, German VDE certification and so on. Adhering to the service tenet of “safety is greater than sales”, we not only provide aesthetic equipment, but also medical equipment.

We have a professional technical team, quality management personnel, and inspection personnel, who are united to create first-class products with the development of the market.


Factory data

  • 8million

    Production lines

  • 3million

    Square ft of production mall

  • 150+

    Trained technicians

Plants and facilities