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The overall introduction of technological innovation

Years of development experience tell us that we must become a technology-driven enterprise. Lefis has been closely following the development trend of world beauty industry technology, deeply applying optoelectronic technology, leveraging new optoelectronic technology, smart operating system, global advanced spare parts, etc., and constantly innovating and developing, providing high performance, high safety, High quality beauty equipment!

Innovation within Lefis is more than a process, it’s a culture.

An eye for Beauty equipment: creative inspiration brought to life

We are developing packaging that continually improves the customer experience.
  • High power hair removal

    Combined with a large spot size of 4 cm² and an advanced cooling system, Lefis's high-power hair removal platform ensures the speed and effect of hair removal while greatly improving the comfort. Safe and effective removal of unwanted facial and body hair, including very fair skin as well as olive or African American skin with ease!

  • Advanced picosecond based lasers

    Breakthrough picosecond laser technology produces intense photothermal effects only on pigmented targets in one trillionth of a second, without causing hyperthermic damage around the skin. And different wavelengths and modes are set for the treatment of each pigment, which can be safer, more effective, and faster to remove pigments and tattoos, and obtain an even and flawless complexion.

  • Ultrasonic Focusing Technology

    The Lefis ultrasonic focusing instrument based on the micro-focused ultrasound technology with visualization function is the basis for facial rejuvenation treatment and the gold standard for non-surgical lifting and skin tightening. Precisely targeting a depth of 4.5mm, it deeply lifts the fascia layer while stimulating the regeneration of collagen and elastin to fully realize a youthful face.

  • RF radio frequency technology

    The interaction between radio frequency radiation and biological tissue will have a positive effect on the skin. Lefis radio frequency instruments selectively apply the biothermal effect principle of radio frequency, and have achieved obvious results in skin peeling and facial tightening, which can effectively lift Firms sagging facial skin and wrinkles and stimulates collagen regeneration.

Lefis Art Inspiration

We have quality certification system certificates, including FDA, CE, Medical CE, ISO, ROHS etc. We have a professional technical team, quality management personnel, and inspection personnel, who are united to create first-class products with the development of the market.
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