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We are beauty machine supplier

Our business model is designed to make beauty equipment manufacturing easy for our customers. We integrate production, research and development, design, manufacturing, sales and service. Provide you with CE ISO13485 and other certificates, which are the key to legal use and sale of machines.

No Matter How Big or Small

Already worked with companies of all sizes

"Found the service to be very good indeed. Rosa helped me through with the process from start to finish with a fair quote and up to date information on the order. A positive experience."


"You are so helpfutl Thank yout I really appreciate you working with me helping me get a good price. Pleasant shopping experience.Looking forward to receiving the samples."

Beauty Salon

  • lean production trarting from electron component

    Our Factory

    All products use medical-grade electrical accessories, ergonomic design, reasonable human-computer interaction; the machine is easy to operate, and the treatment effect is significant;we help you build more profit by reducing your costs, and improving your productivity.

    Our Factory
  • Innovative Technology Center

    Advanced technology

    New beauty machine projects need to reach the market not only with exceptional Quality Control, but also on time and within budget.
    We have developed a unique structure and dedicated resources, which enable innovation to thrive throughout the company. Our core Innovation team develops ideas in response to market trends
    and consumer needs, focusing on new product development in response to a customer brief.

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Lean production starting
from electronic component

Quality control

All of our glass bottles and jars are designed, manufactured, assembled and packaged in our China factory. Roetell offers a compelling suite of turnkey solutions to address your individual needs by using advanced forming and plant equipment.With our ISO certified plant and production machines, we help you build and package more profit by reducing your costs, and improving your productivity.

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All above, is a strong history of growth

Our History

Since 2005, Established in Beijing, China, with the pursuit of safety and performance, and its ever-increasing digital production capacity, LEFIS has rapidly developed into Chinese leading vendor of beauty equipment with comprehensive service and one of the most influential Chinese aesthetic equipment brands in the world.

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