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The tattoos removal market:

Tattoos have always been a part of human culture, while according to a recent global survey, 28% of them regretted getting their tattoos, which directly led to an increasing global demand for safe and effective tattoos removal methods. Therefore, it is very important to have a good knowledge of methods of tattoos removal so that can seize market opportunities.






Tattoos removal methods

Over the years, different chemical abrasions and surgical techniques have been used to remove tattoos. But there are still many side effects, especially scars and pigmentation. In 1983, Anderson and Parrish proposed principle of selective photothermal action which completely change the treatment methods of tattoos removal and achieve better results.


LEFIS solution for tattoos removal

Before you invest in tattoos removal equipment, you should consider the following factors:

Patient satisfaction:

1.Is it possible to ensure patient satisfaction?

2.Is the treatment more comfortable and better results?

3.Is there no recovery period? Can the repairing procedures after treatment be reduced?


Advantages of the equipment:

1.Easy to use or not?

2.Can it shorten the recovery period?

3.Provide versatility in treating various tattoos and other indications?


Requirements for brand manufacturers:

1.Can it provide long-term and effective clinical training services?

2.Can it provide an international medical system certification certificate?

3.Can it provide a verified record of the results?

4.Can it provide a full range of after-sales support?

5.With the development of international technology, can it provide new technologies be continuously updated?


LEFIS provides innovative, comfortable and effective laser tattoos removal technology, which can remove a wider range of colors and greatly reduce the treatment time during the tattoos treatment process with lower risk, lower pain, and faster results. Includes blue and green tattoos which are difficult to remove.

1.The LEFIS tattoos removal system is more gentle and comfortable, which greatly improves the patient’s experience when removing tattoos.

2.The recovery period is short. In the course of 15 to 20 minutes, the LEFIS tattoos removal system can change part of the skin condition while keeping the epidermis intact, without obvious side effects.

3.The application of ultra-short pulse technology can produce powerful photoacoustic impact, which can effectively destroy the pigment particles without overheating the surrounding skin tissue.



Tattoo Removal Result

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