As per a report from the American Society of plastic surgery, the method of body slimming and shaping through non-invasive contraction of fat cells is becoming more and more popular. Lefis provides a more comprehensive and comfortable slimming and shaping solution to effectively improve body shape and body confidence.

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Slimming Market

According to the survey, 91% of women are not satisfied with their figure, 57% of consumers are considering safe and non-invasive body shaping treatment, the equipment slimming and shaping market is expanding every year, and the global beauty practitioners are also trying to seize this trend to ensure that they will not be eliminated by the market.







The Weight Losing Solution of LEFIS

Before you invest in body slimming and shaping equipment, you should consider the following factors:

The Satisfaction of Patient:

1.Is it a safe and non-invasive method of body slimming and shaping?

2.How long can it last for?

3.Whether it passed the medical quality system certification?

4.The advantages of the equipment:

5.Is it easy for using?

6.Is there no recovery period?

7.Is it suitable for customizing personalized body shaping and weight losing scheme?

8.Whether It can expand the options for the non-invasive body sculpting, fat loss and cellulite treatments?


Requirements for brand&manufacturer:

1.Whether it can provide the long-term and effective clinical training services?

2.Whether it can provide the certification certificates of the international medical system ?

3.Is it possible to provide the verified result records?

4.Whether it can provide a full range of after-sales support.

5.With the progress of international technology, whether the new technology can be continuously updated?


Lefis provides the non-invasive weight losing and body sculpting therapy which is recognized by the beauty market. Clinical experiments have proved that through the therapeutic treatment of Lefis body shaping equipment, it can effectively reduce the volume of fat cells, and has excellent performance in waist circumference, leg circumference and body shaping.

1.Excellent clinical performance: Lefis has many years of clinical experience in weight loss and shaping, and can provide weight loss and shaping equipments that meet the needs of the beauty market.

2.Customized solutions. The weight loss and shaping equipment provided by Lefis can obtain more ideal results in a shorter time.

3.Comfortable. Lefis slimming and shaping equipment has high comfort, and 95% of clinical patients are very satisfied with the experience and response.

4.Convenience. Lefis slimming and shaping equpment has short operation time and no recovery period. It can be used for all skin types in any season and any climate.

Slimming Result

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