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Get design free from Lefis

Lefis has always been aiming at “serving customers’ needs”, providing free design services for apparatus appearance according to the needs of specific customers, and transforming customers’ creativity into high-quality products, so as to enhance customers’ value and increase customers’ competitiveness. And continue to help improve customer products, objectively and comprehensively review the existing design, provide comprehensive and pragmatic improvement suggestions, and strictly control product costs to reduce customer production costs.

Free design service scope of Lefis:

1.Improving the overall appearance of the product according to the needs of  customer

2.According to the customer’s requirements for the dimension of  product  to design product.

3.According to the customer’s requirements for interface to design product.

4.According to the customer’s requirements to  label and mark  product.

5.Providing digital production capacity support

6.Providing completely after-sales and maintenance services.

Get design free from Lefis

  • Requirements design

  • Prototype assembly

  • Prototype test

  • Quality Assurance

Beauty apparatus design services from creativity to commercialization

In order to maximize your needs and expectations, Lefis service team will fully understand your ideas in the process of communication with you, and provide more professional improvement suggestions to enhance your value and increase your competitiveness simultaneously!

Choosing from Lefis product library

Lefis has nearly 30kinds of beauty apparatus products. You can find your satisfied products in our product library to carry out services faster and obtain benefits. However, if you have special customization needs, Please contact us to help you design your favorite product!

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Customization exclusive beauty apparatus

Lefis apparatus appearance designer guarantees to realize your special appearance demand configuration, the software developer can fully realize your function configuration demand, and the UI designer can help you design more humanized interface operation, fully customize and realize your demand!

Get Started

Gradually make your beauty instrument

  • #1 OEM Requirements Collection and Evaluation

    An OEM project team will be set up to analyze and evaluate customers’OEM demands to ensure each demand is implemented.

  • #2 OEM Project Design

    The confirmation of appearance and software development for the required functions:
    1.Appearance structure design
    2.Customized software design
    3.UI interface design

  • #3 Demo Machine Installation

    Assemble and connect all internal components.

  • #4 Demo Machine Testing

    At this stage, we will verify whether all OEM requirements have been implemented. And the effect is repeatedly tested to ensure the quality of the sampler.

  • #5 Quality management

    We will conduct quality management and overall evaluation of the model machine, and follow up for OEM requirements until customers are satisfied.