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Service throughout the entire lifespan of your product

10600nm Fotona 4D Fractional Co2 Laser

LEFIS has been strictly controlling product quality for many years, constantly optimizing product performance and service standards. We have a professional design team, engineer team, and after-sales service team witch can provide professional design customization, production, quality inspection, transportation, use process guide, and after sales service, etc. As a well known brand, LEFIS always strives to provide the best after-sales service and timely solutions while ensuring product quality.


1.Clinical practice teaching of the instrument

2.Solutions to problems in the actual operation process

3.After-sales service for instrument maintenance

4.Provide 2 years warranty service for the whole machine

LEFIS provides you with the best service from design, production, and delivery.

  • Fast and personalized

    For each requirement, we have professional sales who are responsible for answering questions, including OEM needs, product design, and whole production period to ensure the quality and the best quality of each equipment.

  • Pre-After Service

    Pre-sales: Analyzing every customers needs and their local market, we give customers professional advice according to their own requirements. After-sales service: We provide one-to-one online service to help clients analyze problems. Guide customers to troubleshoot, propose solutions and measures to quickly solve the problem, and finally help customers solve the problem in time.

  • Warranty coverage

    We provide a 2-year warranty service for the whole machine, and provide life-long maintenance services to our customers.

  • Supply of accessories

    LEFIS can continue to provide customers with the accessories and consumables required by the corresponding instrument to ensure the continuous use of your instrument.

Vaginal Tightening Fractional Co2 Laser Machine

Any question, please feel free to contact +86 13910871467/ 400-6603996 to serve you.

All of our efforts are aim to make you satisfied with our product. Besides the timely service in design , we provide 2 year warranty service and lifetime maintenance service. Any question, Please contact us at any time.