H2-K6 Microneedle fractional RF machine

Key benefits

•Different parts of the body
•RF directly to the deep dermis
•Safety needle system:suction combined prob for better skin contact
•Shorter treatment time
•Adverse effects were minimal
•High Treatment Effect
•Less Pain ,Less Downtime


•Skin tightening
•Skin rejuvenation
•Active inflammatory acne
•Acne excessive sebum secretion
•Stretch mark
•Shrink pores
•Remove orbital wrinkles


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Radio Frequency Micro needle is a new type of medical beauty instrument . Heat transfer to the bottom of the muscle in 1 second, without damaging the epidermis, raise the temperature of the skin to 42℃in 30 seconds to restructure and regenerate collage fibers.


It can tighten and whiten skin, diminish wrinkles and shrink pores red light skin, using RF to promote the micro circulation of the gold clothing to repair the damaged barrier, promote collagen regeneration, increase skin elasticity , and improve gloss suitable for V face, neck lift, jaw lift , eye area , for head etc .

  • RF technology

    The principle of this machine is to use RF technology to promote collagen regeneration and achieve the purpose of wrinkle removal. When the needle enters the skin, RF energy will be released through the tip of the needle, so as to convey the energy to the deep layer of the skin.

  • gold-plated micro needle

    The needle is made of sterile gold-plated material, which has the function of adding negative pressure and has no limit on the number of shots.


Invasive micro needle through the special design of many fractional needle point array the high speed digital motor controls order through the epidermis and the dermis accurate to controls the depth of 0.1-3.5mm, then the RF is released from the end of the dot matrix needle to stimulate collagen and elastic tissue without causing thermal damage to the skin layer.


Product name  

RF Micro Needle

RF frequency


Release time

0.1-0.5 ms

Tip depth

0.1-4.0 mm (adjustable)

Tip pin

OEM 25/10 or 64 pins


  110V/220V + 10%  50HZ


color touch LCD

Screen size




Negative pressure suction

Level 1-10

Needle output speed



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