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Higher peak power hair removal machine


LEFIS Cooperating with aesthetic device engineers from America Famous Brand LUMIENS to develop high power hair removal device.




We have been communicating with the customer online, who is global sales director and engineer of LUMIENS
Then we met him for the first time at the Hong Kong Asia-Pacific Beauty Fair in 2019. The customer tested our demo machine and entrusted us to develop a high-power hair removal device and arranged trial order.


It is fully new challenge for the appearance, technology, software .
First of all, customer have definite requirement for the appearance, the overall design, craftsmanship and materials
Technology: specific technology should be leading in the market.
Software: a full set of new and adapted system should be applied.


The overall appearance design should be completed by using customized molds and materials during the production process. After much effort and test, the specific design attracts the attention of the salon and clinic customer as soon as the machine was launched and widely praised.
The specific technique: By Partial cooperation of our and customer’s R&D team, the technology was finally get a breakthrough unremitting efforts and testing.


In order to cooperate with specific technology and give full play to the clinical effect, after many times clinical and technique tests to achieve an intelligent, efficient and easy-to-operate operating system finally.

How We Did It

First of all, we communicate with customers roactively and actively to fully understand customer’s demand. We are an innovative company which engaged in the sales, production, R&D and after-sales service. A strong independent R&D team is the main factor for us to complete the project. coordination and quality control Control of factory are our strong reserve force. one-set service from R&D to after-sales service, Now the machine have been continuously and steadily ordered in batches.