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808 Diode laser Hair removal machine

Cooperate with a Ukraine well-know brand of our 808 hair removal machine。



I met the customer at the Guangzhou Exhibition. At the beginning, the customer tested our tattoos removal machine and was very satisfied with the quality and effect. So at the fair, he ordered an tattoos removal machine directly. However, after receiving the machine, the customer did not like the appearance. After a while, we participated in the Russian beauty equipment exhibition and also invited him to participate in the exhibition. At the local exhibition, our 808 diode laser instrument attracted my customer’s attention. His engineer tested our diode laser machine energy on the fair, and our quality didn’t let him down. Finally, he decided to order the first model set to test.


At the beginning, the customer was very worried about the sales of the diode laser machine, because the customer thought that our machine interface was not very popular, the appearance did not have any characteristics, the volume was relatively large, and the price was not very cheap.


Our company started from low energy according to customers' OEM needs. We designed the new interface and pictures, changed the color of shells based on the custom requirements. In order to satisfy customers, we strengthen the detail processing to make the machine more beautiful and more in line with market demand.

How we did it

First of all, we have hundreds of appearance patents for customers to choose from. Secondly, we have a professional team of appearance engineers and structural engineers graduated from prestigious schools. Over the years, we have accumulated a wealth of personalized customization experience. Combining the appearance requirements of this customer and Russian market, a specific outlook design plan is given until the customer is satisfied. After a rigorous review process, it was finally put into production. Finally, the functions and quality of our instruments are very competitive, and this Russian customer has become our long-term stable partner.