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808 Diode laser Hair removal machine


As we all know that diode laser hair removal machines belong to the category of medical equipment in Japan, which has more strict testing and audit standards than other countries. Most clinics and hospitals in Japan will choose to purchase more products from Israel, the United States and South Korea. At the Hong Kong exhibition in 2019, a well-known Japanese clinic doctor learned that our laser instruments have CE, FDA and other certifications, with complete qualifications. He compared and tested the exhibitors of many manufacturers at the exhibition on the fair. Finally, the Japan customer decided to begin the trial order of the first diode laser machine after we introduced our machines detailed and answered their questions one by one.
Few days later, the Japanese customer received the first model set and tested it. The results are surprising. After only once use, our hair removal effect is comparable to a machine worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in Europe and the United States. The customer is very satisfied. Finally, we started our long-term cooperation until now.


our instruments are not limited to beauty salons. Most of instruments are also medically certified and can be used in hospitals and clinics.