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Why is laser hair removal the best choice?
September 12, 2021

For people who want permanent hair removal, laser hair removal is actually the best choice. The heat generated by the laser will destroy the hair matrix and hair follicle stem cells, which can achieve permanent hair removal or delay hair regeneration. Modern laser hair removal technology is very mature. One of the best laser hair removal instruments on the market is LEFIS, which is approved by the US FDA and uses 808 nm laser hair removal instrument and Nd:YAG laser technology. LEFIS is also a very popular laser instrument used by dermatologists and beauty salons around the world, so it is guaranteed in terms of safety and efficacy.

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Features and advantages of laser hair removal Using advanced laser hair removal technology, it can effectively remove excess hair on the face and body. Laser hair removal is simple, fast and efficient, and is the best choice for removing human hair.


Before laser hair removal, we will provide you with a free consultation service. A hair removal specialist will discuss treatment options with you and perform skin tests for you.


During the hair removal treatment, our professional doctor will thoroughly clean the skin for you; when the laser hair removal equipment is ready, the doctor will hold the laser head to perform photothermal hair removal for you within the designated skin area; some customers will feel slight during the treatment A tingling sensation that is similar to flicking a rubber band against the skin.


After treatment, your doctor will apply soothing aloe vera gel to the treated skin area for your comfort. You can have your next treatment after 6 weeks.


From sensitive areas of skin like bikinis, legs, underarms and even the face, laser hair removal treatments can be used. Men can also use laser hair removal on the chest, back, and any areas of skin where they do not want hair.

Because the laser hair removal device acts on the skin, the safety performance of the laser hair removal device is a prerequisite, and the efficacy is a must. If you want a good laser hair removal device, you can come to LEFIS to find out.

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