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Which OPT whitening and rejuvenating devices are better?
September 12, 2021

As the saying goes, “one white hides a hundred ugliness”, if the skin is relatively white, dressing up casually can increase a lot of points. However, many people’s skin is dark yellow and dehydrated. This is a common situation. Constant use of cosmetics or moisturizing masks can have a temporary effect, but the effect will not last long. Now beauty salons will use very effective whitening and rejuvenating equipment to solve the situation of dehydration and dull skin.


People’s skin will have a series of problems with age. Female friends, especially after the age of 25, will have troublesome skin problems such as enlarged pores, rough skin, dark yellow color, and fine wrinkles. Whitening and rejuvenating technology will change these skin problems and rejuvenate the radiance of the skin. Whitening and rejuvenating instruments not only make you white, but also cost-effective whitening and rejuvenating instruments are sought after by beauty salon owners. So which whitening and rejuvenating instruments are better? Now let me answer it for you.


If you want to talk about which whitening and rejuvenating instruments are better, of course, you will mention the OPT whitening and rejuvenating instrument, which is a safe whitening and rejuvenating technology, which can not only whiten and tender skin, but also help people solve the problems caused by skin aging. Multiple skin problems.


OPT whitening and rejuvenation will produce photothermal effect on skin tissue after laser irradiation

When the laser outputs a specific wavelength to irradiate the skin lesions, the light energy will be converted into heat energy, which will be selectively absorbed. It is phagocytosed by phagocytic cells in the body and excreted from the body, thereby beautifying and whitening the skin.


In addition to the basic laser skin rejuvenation, the OPT whitening and rejuvenating instrument also has a more advanced OPT adsorption perfect pulse light

On the basis of the original technology, it not only adds (OPT) to control the pulse and emits pulsed light with uniform high and low energy density, but also has the adsorption function, double safety mode, avoids the damage of the invalid spectrum to the skin, and makes the patient treatment process more comfortable. Less pain, giving people a better treatment experience.


OPT whitening and rejuvenation has a good skin rejuvenation effect

At the same time, it can also effectively treat pigmented lesions such as freckles, sunspots, and speckled post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and has better treatment effects on light-colored hair, expanding the treatment population for hair removal. In addition, the whitening and skin rejuvenation device can achieve the effect of sterilizing and removing acne when treating acne, without leaving acne marks and pits, and without damaging the subcutaneous tissue.


OPT whitening and rejuvenating skin, convenient, fast, safe and effective

Surgery can comprehensively improve skin quality from the basal layer of the skin, effectively remove pigmentation, reduce wrinkles, shrink pores and tighten the skin, stimulate the proliferation of collagen, improve skin radiance, and reproduce flawless skin. Laser skin whitening and rejuvenation generally requires 2-6 treatments, and the time interval between each treatment is about 2-3 months to ensure good results.


Comparison of OPT whitening and rejuvenation and traditional photorejuvenation, OPT whitening and rejuvenation effect is better than traditional photorejuvenation

Compared with the photon technology of the old generation, OPT has the following characteristics: the curative effect is obviously improved, especially the effect of good skin tightening, wrinkle removal, skin texture improvement, and pore reduction, so it is a real skin rejuvenation technology, It is also a physical therapy technology that really serves the skin rejuvenation project. At the same time, the effect of eliminating skin pigment is also greatly enhanced, and more importantly, the safety of the treatment is greatly improved, avoiding the side effects such as skin burns that often occurred in the past photorejuvenation treatments.


Which OPT whitening and rejuvenating devices are better?

I believe that everyone has a clearer understanding that OPT whitening and rejuvenation is suitable for use in various types of beauty institutions. By adsorbing OPT, whitening and rejuvenating skin can achieve better skin rejuvenation effects. For more detailed understanding of beauty equipment, you can consult Beijing LEFIS beauty equipment manufacturer CICI, contact number: +86 13910871467

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