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What is the frequency of laser tattoo removal?
September 12, 2021

With the change of aesthetic concept at any time, due to various reasons, many people now want to wash off their tattoos. At present, laser tattoo removal is a more commonly used method, and the effect is also ideal. In the outpatient clinic, friends who come to tattoo removal often ask: “If I choose laser tattoo removal, how many times do I need to wash it to clean it?” Generally speaking, laser tattoo removal requires a certain number of treatments.

What is the best laser tattoo removal machine?

A tattoo is to pierce the pigment into the skin, so that the pigment particles are deposited in the superficial or middle layer of the dermis of the skin to form a permanent coloring effect. Laser tattoo removal uses the principle of selective photothermal action. The laser energy can directly penetrate the skin surface, reach the damaged part, and be absorbed by the pigment tissue. Under the powerful photothermal action, the pigment gasifies into small particles, which are excreted through their own metabolism. , so as to achieve the effect of tattoo removal.

Factors affecting the times of tattoo removal by professional tattoo removal machine

1. The area of ​​the tattoo. The larger the tattoo area, the longer the treatment time will be, and the required number of laser tattoo removals will increase accordingly. Small area tattoos require less tattoo removal times.

2. The color of the tattoo. Tattoos come in many different colors, such as black, purple, green, blue, and colored tattoos. The darker the color, the more laser tattoo removals will be required.

3. Colorants used. The pigment used in tattooing will affect the difficulty of tattoo removal. Some pigments contain metal substances, which will be more difficult to remove tattoos, and the number of laser tattoo removals will be more.

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