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What is a beauty device? How does a beauty device work?
September 12, 2021

So today we will talk about the beauty instrument. What exactly is a beauty instrument and what are its functions?

1. What is a beauty instrument?

According to the definition of authoritative encyclopedia: beauty instrument is a kind of equipment that can soothe the skin, better clean and absorb skin care products based on physical therapy.

co2 fractional laser machine

According to the function and working principle, it is divided into: 1) Jafani current, electric pulse (EMS) method; 2) Micro vibration method; 3) Different wavelength photon irradiation methods;

4) Methods of raising body temperature; 5) Microwave equipment; 6) Vacuum adsorption type; 7) Laser therapy; 8) Ultrasonic method; 9) Water bath therapy; 10) Magnetic field mechanism;

11) Radio frequency action; 12) Electron introduction; 13) Fumigation beauty; 14) Pure oxygen penetration.

There are so many lists, but the current mainstream market is probably four kinds of photons, laser, radio frequency and ultrasound.

Second, the working principle of beauty instrument

Below we will focus on introducing these four working principles. It is up to you to judge whether they are useful or not.

The first: photons

In beauty advertisements, the word “photon” we often see refers to a kind of photonic skin rejuvenation technology, which is an advanced high-tech beauty project. It can penetrate deep into the skin, selectively act on subcutaneous pigments or blood vessels, decompose pigmentation spots, close abnormal capillaries, and at the same time photons can stimulate the proliferation of subcutaneous collagen.

Here it refers to a type of intense light emitted in a pulsed pattern from a flash in the “photo rejuvenation” technology.

In the future, the words “IPL“, “pulsed light”, “intense pulsed light”, “strong light”, and even “pulsed light” will be seen in the market. They actually refer to photorejuvenation technology.

The energy of strong light and laser is very strong, which will make the face feel hot, effectively remove melanin, red blood, or cause certain thermal damage to our skin, and then achieve the effect of stimulating regeneration of skin…

This is the basic working principle of the photon beauty instrument

The second: laser

In 1983, Anderson RR and Parrish JA proposed the theory of selective photothermal action, namely “photothermal separation” theory, which means that according to the biological characteristics of different tissues, the appropriate wavelength, energy, and pulse duration are selected to ensure While effectively treating the diseased tissue, try to avoid damage to the surrounding normal tissue.

Three effects of light on tissues:

1. Photothermal effect:

Photothermal effect is divided into thermal effect, thermal solidification, thermal stripping. Thermal effect: When the temperature rises to a certain degree of about 60℃-65℃, the collagen fibers can shrink to 1/3 of the original length and the diameter of the collagen increases, and the integrity of the corresponding tissue structure is not affected; thermal coagulation: when When the temperature is higher than 75°C and the time is long enough, the tissue will be thermally coagulated, and a certain amount of dispersed thermal coagulation will bring about a lasting and obvious skin reconstruction effect. Causes tissue vaporization, combustion and molecular fragmentation and plasma formation leading to tissue wound formation.

2. Photodynamic reaction

A method in which light irradiates tissue, causing one or a series of chemical reactions in the tissue to effectively treat or improve the diseased part (target tissue).

3. Light stimulation

Compared with photons: the advantage of laser lies in its specific effect, powerful energy, and more obvious effect. But at the same time, the risk is also greater. If the control is not good, the damage to the skin will be greater! The advantage of photon is that it can solve a variety of problems at the same time, such as melanin, red blood, large pores, etc., only you can’t think of it, no It can’t! And because the energy is dispersed, it’s milder, so there are fewer possible side effects. However, some projects that require high-intensity thermal energy cannot be realized, such as the skin resurfacing effect of fractional laser.

The third type: radio frequency

The radiofrequency cosmetic positioning tissue is heated to promote the contraction and tightening of the subcutaneous collagen. At the same time, cooling measures are taken to the skin surface. The dermis layer is heated and the epidermis maintains a normal temperature. At this time, two reactions will occur: one is that the dermis layer of the skin thickens, and wrinkles follow. Lighten or disappear; second, the shape of subcutaneous collagen is remodeled, new collagen is generated, and the skin becomes firmer after one treatment in Lido.

Fourth: Ultrasound

Ultrasound refers to mechanical vibration waves with a frequency of more than 20,000 Hz. The vibration waves have mechanical, thermal and chemical effects. The ultrasonic beauty instrument uses the characteristics of strong ultrasonic penetration and can penetrate into the subcutaneous 4-6mm to perform physical therapy on the human body and face to achieve the purpose of losing weight, body sculpting, whitening and improving skin quality.

3. How to choose a beauty instrument

Look at the instrument itself

Whether the beauty instrument is effective, the instrument itself is a very important factor. Many high-end beauty equipments on the market are quite effective. Taking face-lifting as an example, the multi-functional slimming equipment is very simple for face-lifting. Basically, a course of treatment can be effective.

Look at the skin

Not everyone is suitable for using a beauty device. Everyone needs to understand their skin type and choose a suitable beauty device.

see price

To be honest, this beauty device is actually proportional to the price. For example, the more expensive wrinkle-removing beauty devices are very effective for wrinkle removal. Basically, after using them, they will say that this beauty device is useful. If you want to choose a good beauty equipment, you can come to LEFIS to inquire, we will give you the most cost-effective products and high-quality beauty equipment.

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