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What are the advantages of picosecond laser over Q-switched laser?
September 12, 2021

We all know that laser has great advantages over traditional and daily methods such as medicine or health preservation in freckle and skin beauty. It is fast, effective, safe, does not damage the original skin, and has a short recovery period. Generally, professional beauty salons or beauty institutions will these projects. In the past two years, with the rapid development of laser technology, picosecond laser has emerged. In 2017, picosecond laser was especially popular, and it is one of the preferred instruments for many medium and high-end freckle and beauty projects. The most widely used Q-switched laser, what are the advantages of the latest picosecond laser?


1、 More selective


The shorter the action time of the laser, the more difficult it is for the laser energy absorbed and accumulated in the target tissue to diffuse to the surrounding tissue. The energy is limited to the target to the greatest extent, protecting the surrounding normal tissue, so the stronger the selectivity.


2、 More effective


The pulse width of picosecond laser is only 1% of that of traditional Q-switched nanosecond laser. It is too late to convert light energy into heat energy, which hardly produces photothermal effect. After being absorbed by the target, its volume expands rapidly, resulting in optomechanical effect. It is blasted and torn into fragments, so that pigmented skin lesions can produce stronger effect in a shorter number of times.


3、 Reduced chance of pigmentation


The laser can break the rock into particles the size of pebbles, which can be compared to the traditional laser. At the same time, because the heat damage becomes smaller, the probability of instant pigmentation is also greatly reduced.


4、 The single effect is obvious and the recovery period of injury is short


Postoperative redness and swelling can subside within 12-24 hours; It has a wide range of application, and can improve a variety of facial problems at the same time. Almost zero injury, no trouble of scab formation and scab removal after operation, very fast recovery, suitable for people with fast pace of life. Secondly, it will not have any scars, heavy color and anti black problems.

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