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Ultrasound is better than all anti-aging skin care products
September 12, 2021

The ultrasonic scalpel beauty anti-aging program has advantages over surgical anti-aging in terms of cost and effect, and the ultrasonic scalpel beauty operation time is short, the recovery is fast, and the effect is remarkable. It is called lunch-style beauty.


Scope of application: 1. Promote the tightening of the SMAS layer, regeneration of collagen and elastic fibers, and tighten the skin. 2. Effectively remove fine wrinkles and deep wrinkles. 3. Tighten the skin and make the skin more elastic. The effect is significant after two months, and the effect reaches its peak in three months. Treatment principle: Fascia layer (SMAS) layer: It is composed of a layer of dense fibrous tissue, which plays the role of pulling muscle and skin tissue. The reason for the relaxation of the fascia layer: with the passage of time, the increase of age, the increase of free radicals in the skin, the continuous loss of collagen in the fascia layer, the damage and aging of the original dense fibrous tissue, and the thinning and relaxation of the fascia layer . Using the characteristics of ultrasonic high-energy focusing, the energy is precisely focused on the collagen layer with a depth of 3mm and the fascia layer with a depth of 4.5mm. The SMAS produces a protein coagulation reaction, which generates tension around the freezing point, and at the same time starts to regenerate collagen radially from the freezing point, which doubles the elasticity of SMAS. After months of elasticity and radiance, the skin’s newly created collagen can gradually firm and lift the skin from within.

Product advantages: 1. The energy directly acts on the SMAS layer to avoid damage to the skin surface, which is a safe non-invasive treatment. 2. No discomfort such as pain, easy wrinkle removal. 3. Minimally invasive treatment, facial cleansing and makeup can be carried out after surgery. 4. The treatment time is short and the effect is immediate. 5. Energy conversion focused ultrasound. 6. The dermis layer – the fascia layer – the layered transmission – the formation of the coagulation zone. 7. Collagen regeneration: The dermis and fascia layers are tightened by a regenerating effect through tightening and thermal activation.

What is Ultrasound?

Ultrasonic knife is not a knife, but a state-of-the-art instrument, we use “knife” to express the magic and speed of the effect! Ultrasound scalpel is the world’s royal family, celebrities are doing projects, and major mainstream media across the country are broadcasting it. No surgery, no bleeding, no redness, no swelling, no pain, just do it and go. At present, the ultrasonic scalpel is the most advanced non-invasive anti-aging system in the world, with no wounds, no recovery period, and no need for multiple treatments.

Beauty principle: Ultrasound scalpel beauty uses focused ultrasound technology to non-invasively treat the SMAS fascia layer, allowing subcutaneous cells to rearrange through changes in cell membranes. Improve sagging and sagging skin, smooth facial wrinkles and fill facial depressions.

Ultrasonic scalpel can effectively solve the following problems

1. Quickly remove wrinkles

Forehead lines, fine lines around the eyes, crow’s feet, nasolabial folds, perioral lines, lip lines, neck, hands, all kinds of wrinkles all over the body.

2, compact shape

Solve the problems of sagging face, obvious chin, blurred jawline and sagging eyes at one time.

3. Body sculpture

Quickly and completely solve body contour problems such as postpartum skin laxity, butterfly sleeves, loose back, loose waist and abdomen.

Of the ten women, nine are interested in the ultrasonic scalpel, seven are reluctant to know the price, and five are worried or even disdain. Only some of them persist, time will tell, and you will be happy in a few months and a few years. : How worth your time and money, if you don’t change, CICI can’t help you! Women must learn to love themselves, and others will love you more!

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