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There are so many beauty salons in the world, how do you choose a beauty equipment manufacturer?
September 12, 2021

Now the laser beauty instrument is developing rapidly, and the effect of some laser beauty instrument products will vary from person to person. Not all people are suitable for laser beauty instrument, so if you want to beauty, you must first pay attention to the health of your body. There are many beauty instrument products in beauty salons. Choosing a good beauty instrument product is not only responsible for customers, but also brings good benefits to beauty salons.

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Based on the experience of cooperation with many beauty salons and customer experience, Beijing LEFIS gives you some suggestions for beauty salons to choose beauty equipment:

When choosing a beauty device, the following points are generally considered:

1. The function of the instrument;

Because beauty salons often attract customers with novel technologies, they like to pursue popular beauty technologies. But the effect is best to go to the actual inspection and experience it in person to judge how it is.

2. Price;

When comparing prices, we should not blindly pursue low prices, but should see the price and use of the instrument.
Whether the technology and efficacy match.

3. Brand;

Carefully review the manufacturer’s business license, production certificate and other certificates are complete. It is verified that the instrument is self-produced by the company,
Or hire someone to do the processing.

4. After-sales problems;

Whether the after-sales service is in place is also related to the safety of the operation. At the same time, the strength of a manufacturer can also be seen from the after-sales service. First of all, it depends on whether the manufacturer has the ability to undertake after-sales service matters, and whether the after-sales tracking of customers is timely and effective.
It would be better to choose a collection of these points; many manufacturers can fully satisfy these items.

In the traditional business concept of beauty salons, products, equipment and services are always the two aspects that beauty salons are most devoted to. However, as consumers pay more and more attention to the quality of consumption and enjoy consumption, while software (ie services, professional technology, etc.) is guaranteed, hardware (products, instruments, decoration, etc.) are also indispensable. For a beauty salon, the products it represents must be a brand recognized by customers, and after the brand is recognized, it is necessary to continuously adjust and increase the variety and efficacy. Similarly, the beauty equipment corresponding to the product also needs to be constantly updated and introduced in order to keep up with the requirements of the times.
1. Select scientific and technological products whose effects have been proven.
2. Choose high-tech instruments according to your own positioning and customer groups, and do not invest blindly.
3. Eliminate customer price misunderstandings, seize customer psychology, and turn high price disadvantages into advantages.
4. Information feedback and supporting services.
5. High-tech follow-up.

Beijing LEFIS is a professional medical and beauty equipment manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales and after-sales. The company’s products cover several major scientific and technological fields such as laser, intense pulsed light, radio frequency, ultrasonic wave, and ion nanometer, including laser pigment removal series, semiconductor laser series, CO2 laser series, RF radio frequency series, OPT, E light series, ultrasonic series, Slimming and shaping series, breast enhancement physiotherapy series, etc. Products all over the country, won the customer support.

Over the past 16 years, the factory has been committed to the quality of products and after-sales service by adhering to the principles of “building a brand with excellent quality”, “creating a beautiful miracle with service” and “achieving a team with harmonious thinking”. Branches have been set up in Shenzhen, Anhui and Shandong respectively, forming a market structure with Beijing as the center, and the southeast and southwest develop synchronously. With the attitude of self-transcendence and active innovation, we will continue to provide high-quality instruments and equipment for the industry, and strive to be a first-class brand in the industry.

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