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The venues where EMS functions are applied include homes, studios, gyms, and beauty salons, did you know?
September 12, 2021

Losing fat, losing weight, and shaping has always been an important issue for our self-management of the body. However, for ordinary bodybuilders, in the process of reducing fat, in addition to controlling diet, it is more difficult to maintain a sufficient amount of fitness intensity for a long time. Traditional fitness methods are often difficult to achieve satisfactory fat reduction results. The use of bodytech EMS solves many traditional pain points faced by ordinary bodybuilders and provides a fitness solution that subverts the traditional. EMS fitness user data shows that fitness members have a fat loss efficiency of up to 90%.

EMS passive fitness technology originated in Europe. It uses the principle of electrical pulses to deeply stimulate human muscles to achieve the effect of active and passive exercise. It only takes 20 minutes each time to achieve the effect of 120 minutes of aerobic exercise in a traditional gym. Ordinary fitness enthusiasts only need to exercise 8 

emsculpt machine muscle stimulation

times a month, each time can consume 500 calories, and continue to burn 2,000 calories through the afterburning effect in the next 2 days, so as to achieve the fitness goals of reducing fat, increasing muscle, and shaping.

The core of EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) fitness is a set of high-tech fitness equipment, which relies on sending out bioelectric signals that simulate the human brain, and introduces low-frequency pulse currents into motor nerves. Interval time and other factors stimulate the muscles to work together to speed up blood circulation and improve fitness efficiency.

The earliest origin of EMS is to prevent muscle atrophy. It has been used in the field of sports rehabilitation abroad for decades. According to clinical trials, its muscle-building effect is very significant.

The venues where EMS functions are applied include homes, studios, gyms, and beauty salons.

Its electrode pads use Tianyin silver fiber, which has the functions of anti-inflammatory, sterilization, anti-static, body temperature regulation, and blood circulation acceleration. It eliminates 99.9% of surface bacteria within 1 hour, making it possible to “disposable”.

Silver fiber is a cutting-edge scientific project that developed countries in the world are scrambling to study.

The society’s emphasis on health and appearance has spawned a large number of fitness institutions. According to data, in the field of big fitness, there are about 200,000 fitness institutions nationwide, including fitness studios, yoga studios, dance studios, boxing rooms, etc. Of course, this number is increasing day by day.

At this stage, people are paying more and more attention to health, and more and more people have a demand for fitness. However, in the era of consumption upgrading, consumers’ requirements for gyms have also increased a lot, and they are no longer satisfied with traditional gyms.

EMS fitness is intelligent fitness and a revolutionary EMS functional training system. With the theme of health and fitness, it does not require too many fitness equipment, reducing the workload of daily maintenance.

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