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What is the difference between monopolar radio frequency, bipolar radio frequency and multipolar radio frequency?
September 12, 2021

RF radio frequency technology has been widely used in the medical beauty industry for nearly 20 years. Based on its non-invasiveness and good therapeutic effect, it has been deeply loved by dermatologists and consumers.

RF slimming device

Since the birth of the first radio frequency therapeutic apparatus in 2002, radio frequency technology has also undergone several generations of changes. The overall development trend is to improve the controllability of penetration depth and greatly enhance the safety and comfort of treatment.

So what exactly is radio frequency?

Radio frequency is an electromagnetic wave with energy and penetrating power; the radio frequency passes through the epidermis and reaches the dermis, where the electromagnetic energy is converted into heat energy, and the dermis is lightly and controllably burned, destroying the existing (slightly aging) in the dermis. Collagen, thereby activating the skin’s repair mechanism to produce new collagen to replace collagen damaged by thermal energy.

Generally speaking, the radio frequency class is a bit like “sweeping the floor with a broom, sweeping a large area” – the action area is large, but the action point is not very precise, and the energy per unit area is not particularly high. Compared to the more commonly heard lasers, the contrast is stark – small area of ​​action, precise location, and high energy density.

This is determined by the external modulation wavelength of the radio frequency instrument. The waves emitted by radio frequency instruments are the result of the superposition of two waves. One is the radio frequency natural wave, the frequency is very high, generally used are several megahertz, and there is less room for wavelength adjustment. The second is the external modulation wave, the frequency is very low, generally in tens of hertz, the wavelength can be adjusted – the shorter the wavelength, the more concentrated the energy.

Because the action area is large, the energy per unit area is not very high, so it is not as precise and powerful as the laser. Therefore, laser is more commonly used to remove freckles, moles and scars.

Because the energy is not particularly high, radio frequency is safer and the risk of burns is lower.

The role of radio frequency

The biggest role of radio frequency is “anti-aging”, which is used in facial wrinkle removal, improvement of skin sagging, and enhancement of facial contours, etc.

Why beauty radio frequency can be anti-aging

After the age of 25, the skin is prone to sagging, wrinkles, and dullness. The main reason for these problems is the loss of collagen in the dermis, which leads to the breakage of the elastic fiber spring. A large part of the reason why our skin is firm and elastic is that elastic fibers support it like a spring. Collagen is an important nutritional factor for supplying elastic fibers, but the loss of collagen begins to accelerate after the age of 25 for most girls. If no nutrients can be supplied to elastic fibers, elastic fibers will break.

The radio frequency can directly heat the dermis without heating the epidermis. When the dermis reaches a relatively high temperature, collagen will proliferate in large quantities, and elastic fibers will also shrink accordingly. In this way, the collagen will gradually fill up, the elastic fibers will contract and become elastic, and the skin will naturally be plump and firm.

The type of radio frequency


The positive and negative poles do not act on the same interface. The energy is radiated from the epidermis to the subcutaneous from top to bottom. During the transmission process, the energy is easily lost. When it penetrates into the dermis, the energy is not enough to increase the collagen in the dermis, so the effect will not be significant. If it needs to penetrate into the deeper cortex, the power needs to be greatly increased, so that the pain will be stronger, and it is more likely to cause safety hazards.


The positive and negative poles are placed parallel to the skin. The positive and negative poles of the two poles are transformed with each other at a very high frequency, forming a high-frequency oscillating electromagnetic field, which acts on the skin and generates heat within the coverage of the effective electromagnetic field to promote collagen. Protein recombination and neogenesis. The main disadvantage of this technology is that its RF energy cannot penetrate deep into the skin, so the firming effect is not obvious.


Most of the multi-polar radio frequencies on the market are also bi-polar radio frequencies in a strict sense, which is equivalent to the superposition of multiple bi-polar radio frequencies.

Dynamic quadrupole radio frequency

DQRF is the abbreviation of (Dynamic quadrupole radio frequency) dynamic quadrupole radio frequency. DQRF™ Dynamic Quadrupole RF Technology utilizes a set of 4 electrodes, which are automatically and dynamically configured by the control software to circulate RF current through the electrodes. The variable configuration of the electrodes as transmitters and receivers generates a buffered electric field that, through the ideal placement of the electrodes, directs the energy to the specific skin tissue level where it needs to be acted upon. Given that the electric field is only generated between the electrode regions, the energy required to produce the same thermal effect is significantly reduced compared to monopolar/bipolar systems.


Efficient: Four electrodes can generate 16 energy focus points, the heat is more even, it can evenly heat the treatment area, so that the treatment is more efficient and fast.

Comfort: Precise focus, constant temperature control, more comfortable experience.

Safety: The energy loss in the nursing process is extremely low, so it can achieve effective nursing effect without high power, and minimize the possibility of scalding.

Comprehensive: The energy depth can be adjusted, and the energy can directly reach specific skin layers (epidermal layer, dermis layer, subcutaneous fat layer) to meet various nursing needs.

Working principle

Dynamic quadrupole RF technology is based on four RF electrodes, which are automatically and dynamically configured by control software to circulate RF current in the electrodes. The variable configuration of the electrodes as transmitters and receivers generates a buffered electric field, and through the ideal setting of the electrodes, the energy can be converted at multiple points, precisely focused, and directed to specific skin tissue levels. Efficiently heats deep skin tissue, has two major effects of instant lifting and firming and long-lasting collagen regeneration. In 2-6 months after repair, collagen will gradually increase and reorganize, so that sagging and loose facial skin can be tightened and improved , to create a three-dimensional outline.

DQRF radio frequency contraindications

1. Pregnant women

2. Patients with pacemakers

3. Those who have undergone subcutaneous metal implantation at the repair site

4. Acne is in pieces and is more serious

5. Patients with advanced disease

6. Patients with bleeding disorders

7. Patients with fever and after drinking

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