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Is the price of Q-switched picosecond laser beauty instrument very expensive?
September 12, 2021

Picosecond laser is a popular beauty project in beauty salons. As we all know, it is not as fast and effective as buying hundreds of skin care products at a time! Picosecond laser can effectively remove chloasma, coffee spots, freckles, sunburn, nevus of Ota, acne traces and mild acne scars. You can also wash tattoos, eyebrows, etc.


This is because picosecond laser uses picosecond laser. “Picosecond” refers to a time unit, that is, time is fast. Generally, the laser reaching picosecond level has short pulse width, high pulse energy and low thermal damage. It can more finely crush melanin to achieve the purpose of freckle removal and skin color improvement.


Picosecond laser is to instantly break melanin or spots in the skin in a very short time. The broken pigment particles are discharged from the body with the metabolism of the body, so as to remove spots and beauty. The speed of picosecond laser is faster than that of ordinary laser, which speeds up the operation time and reduces the recovery time. After picosecond, do a good job in sunscreen and won’t rebound. It is relatively safe and reliable compared with other freckle removal methods.


There are many kinds of picosecond lasers, but few can really be called picosecond. Different manufacturers have different accessories, different instrument quality, different prices, and different configurations. It is also related to whether the manufacturer is formal and the selection of production materials. In the selection, we must choose the picosecond laser instrument produced by the regular manufacturer. For example, lefis leifeishi, leifeishi’s picosecond laser adopts the light guide arm imported from Korea: 7075 aviation aluminum material, seven joints have no dead angle, and is made by Korean technology, which eliminates the problems of energy attenuation and polarization.



Although picosecond laser freckle and rejuvenation is very powerful, it is not omnipotent. Not every skin problem can be treated with picosecond laser alone, but needs to be improved with different courses of treatment, so as to achieve the ideal effect.

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