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How long does a picosecond last?
September 12, 2021

Picosecond laser is currently the fastest laser for treating skin problems. Many female friends will ask how long a picosecond can last. So how long can a picosecond last? Let’s follow Lefis to learn more about it.

How long can a picosecond last?

According to different skin conditions of women, the maintenance time is different. Generally, a single treatment can last about 3 to 6 months. If female friends have serious skin problems, only one picosecond treatment will not last long. At least one course of treatment is required. Generally, one course of treatment is done 3 times, and the effect can last for about 12 months. The interval between each treatment is 1~2 moon.


How long does it take for picoseconds to take effect?

It usually takes at least a week to see the effect after the picosecond laser is done, because the skin needs a basic repair cycle. Many beauty lovers do not see prominent effects after the picosecond laser, but feel small sesame-like black spots on the face and slight redness and swelling. However, according to the doctor, it is a normal phenomenon to have spots after surgery. Generally, the effect of picosecond laser can be seen when the skin is repaired to a certain extent (at least 7-14 days). Beauty lovers should pay attention to moisturizing after surgery. Moisturizing and sun protection can see the magical effect of the picosecond laser as soon as possible.


Is picosecond freckle removal effective?

Generally speaking, picosecond laser freckle removal can directly reach the root of the pigmentation, and in the process of treatment, the separation technology is combined for targeted treatment, so the probability of rebound after treatment will be greatly reduced, which has a certain effect. However, picosecond freckle removal can only lighten and lighten some spots with clear boundaries. It is ineffective for blurred freckles and freckles that have not grown. Therefore, as long as you are exposed to the sun, picosecond laser freckle removal will recur. If you want to completely remove freckles, you must separate clear freckles, fuzzy freckles, and freckles that have not grown, and their roots are separated through freckles separation technology at one time, in order to achieve the goal of being free of freckles for life!

For chloasma with deep pigmentation, it generally needs to be done 3-4 times to have a complete effect. The specific number of picosecond laser treatments needs to be diagnosed and determined according to the test report of the skin detector by a professional doctor. In addition, it is recommended to cooperate with liver detoxification products while using picoseconds.

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