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The classification and beauty principles of “micro-needle therapy” you want to know are here?
September 12, 2021

“Micro-needle therapy” can not only improve the precision and efficiency of drug delivery, but also has the characteristics of painless and trace amount. “Micro-needle therapy” has not only been widely used in the field of biomedicine, but also received unprecedented popularity in the field of beauty. Hold, tighten skin machine has a wide range of uses in the field of beauty. It can be used for both body shaping and skin beautification. It also has a good effect on treating hair loss, repairing scars, etc. In general, it can be used for The application of microneedling in beauty and body is summarized in the following aspects: anti-aging, prevention and treatment of hair loss, weight loss, treatment of acne, removal of cellulite, reduction of local accumulation of fat, skin psoriasis, etc.

The reason why “micro-needle therapy” can exert excellent cosmetic and skin care effects and attract much attention in the field of beauty can be attributed to the following two points:

1. Focal damage effect: The use of microneedle array to treat the skin can instantly create thousands of tiny wounds on the skin surface. Under external stimulation, the body will repair and cause some positive effects.

2. Micropore penetration effect: Pretreatment of the skin with microneedle array can create thousands of tiny channels on the skin surface in a short time, so that cosmetic skin care products or active pharmaceutical ingredients can directly reach the skin through the stratum corneum barrier Deeply, the skin care products or active pharmaceutical ingredients are accurately positioned and quantitatively delivered to the parts that need to be repaired, improved or treated to give full play to the efficacy of the drug. Based on the above principles, the drug and the size of the microneedle can be flexibly selected according to the different repair sites and skin conditions, so as to improve the flexibility and applicability of the microneedle, and achieve the purpose of treatment and maintenance efficiently and accurately.

Category of rf skin tightening machine:

There are many ways to classify fractional microneedling rf. For example, according to the material classification, it can be divided into silicon, metal, polymer material microneedle, etc. At present, according to the application of microneedles in the field of drug introduction, microneedles are divided into microneedles in the form of hydrogels, hollow microneedles, degradable microneedles, coated microneedles, and solid microneedles. In recent years, a variety of microneedling devices have appeared in the cosmetic plastic surgery market, such as roller microneedling, stamp microneedling, electric microneedling, DermaFrac, and radio frequency microneedling systems.

1. Roller microneedle: the most widely used microneedle at present. Generally, the main body consists of a handle and a roller. There are several rows of microneedles distributed on the roller, and the length is generally 0.5~3mm. As the roller rolls on the skin, the microneedles can form micropores on the skin or stimulate the proliferation of skin cells. Since these microneedles are mostly made of medical-grade steel, they are suitable for multiple use on a large area of ​​skin.

2. Stamp microneedle: It consists of a handle and a stamp-type head. The microneedle is on the stamp. When used, the microneedle acts on the skin vertically, and is generally used for local scar treatment.

3. Electric microneedle: This kind of microneedle is divided into a pen-like body and a stamp microneedle head that can vibrate. Through mechanical driving, the microneedle in the head can vibrate repeatedly, which eliminates the stress on the skin when the operator uses the microneedle. Uniform disadvantage.

4. DermaFrac: A novel microneedling device that combines microdermabrasion, microneedling, concurrent deep tissue serum injection, and LED light therapy, and is used to treat sunburned skin, acne, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, fine pores Wrinkles, superficial scars, etc.

5. Radio frequency micro-needle system: With the help of micro-needles, electric energy is introduced into the subcutaneous surface, and the treatment of scars, hyperhidrosis, skin tightening, and facial rejuvenation can be performed without destroying the epidermis.

Application of “Microneedle Therapy” in the Field of Facial Rejuvenation

Using the physical function of fractional rf microneedle machine, it can not only be used to treat scars, but also be used in the field of facial rejuvenation. In the past, people used chemical skin peeling to remove facial wrinkles. When the epithelial layer was destroyed, an inflammatory reaction was generated, and the skin collagen was deposited to achieve the effect of tightening the skin. However, the treatment process of collagen deposition in the skin by damaging the stratum corneum barrier of the skin affects the hydration of the skin, and patients often feel dry skin after treatment. Although laser wrinkle removal can effectively improve the smoothness of the skin, due to skin fibrosis that makes the skin pale, the skin collagen will be absorbed after a few years, and fine lines will appear again.

After microneedling radio frequency treatment causes slight skin damage, a variety of cytokines and growth factors are released. Subsequently, fibroblasts migrate and proliferate, collagen begins to deposit, and angiogenesis occurs. With the conversion of type III collagen to type I collagen and the blood supply of the skin gradually returning to normal, the skin becomes firm and smooth, and the skin color becomes natural. Skin aging treatment has achieved good results. On the one hand, microneedling can make the “face youthful” by inducing the production of collagen, and on the other hand, it can further “snipe” skin aging by introducing hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin, etc.

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