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What is the weight loss effect of liposonix slimming machine?
September 12, 2021

Liposonix weight loss can achieve the triple effect of slimming, shaping and firming the skin.

hifu liposonix machine

  1.   Portable liposonix weight loss is a relatively new weight loss method. It mainly heats the fat under the skin through some instruments, makes the fat move quickly, and accelerates the decomposition and metabolism of fat in the body. The effect, such surgical treatment, the effect is very good, can not be used as an incision on the skin like traditional liposuction surgery, so as to damage the skin tissue.
  2.  And beauty lovers do not need anesthesia when they are doing thermal plastic weight loss, which can reduce the damage to the body. Thermal plastic weight loss can be said to be thin by lying down, so people now like it very much, but they need It should be noted that when performing thermosculpting to lose weight, it may take multiple courses of treatment to achieve the effect of weight loss, and it must be matched with a reasonable diet.
  3. The liposonix instrument adopts a circular output system, which has the ability to automatically scan different types of fat in different parts. Before treatment, it will draw a mark on the part to be treated, and connect the continuous and smooth lines of the treated part. The probe follows the mark and repeats. Scroll back and forth to achieve a consistent treatment area matrix.


“Heat-dead” fat, as the name suggests, is to heat fat. But how could heating the skin only damage fat and not other tissues?

The depth of action of liposonix equipment is 1.3cm, which is exactly the fat layer. The high-energy focused ultrasound emitted by Thermoplastic only acts on the subcutaneous 1.3cm. Because the subcutaneous 1.3cm is just the fat layer, only the fat tissue will be destroyed, and other tissues will not be destroyed.The skin is low power when heated.

Although the temperature of liposonix heating can reach 60-70 degrees, the probe will automatically recognize when the Thermoplastic emits ultrasonic energy, and it emits low power density energy when it is on the epidermis, so there is no need to worry that this temperature will burn the epidermis.

Evaluate whether there is adipose tissue of appropriate thickness in the area you need to improve (you can pinch up 2.5 cm of adipose tissue)

  1. Measure, record and archive
  2. Aseptic cleaning of the parts that need to be slimmed down
  3. liposonix treatment for one hour
  4.  End, return to normal life

Why is it necessary to perform liposonix treatment only when it is necessary to “pinch up 2.5 cm of adipose tissue”?

  1. Because the probe needs to be completely close to the skin during treatment, the doctor will evaluate it before doing this, so you don’t have to worry about it yourself.
  2. Regarding pain, it would be a lie to say that you don’t feel it at all. How can you lose weight if you don’t feel it? Usually, there will be some acupuncture sensation, which is a process of thermal stimulation. The thicker the fat, the lower the pain. For example, the waist and abdomen will be less painful than the arms and thighs.

Of course, some people hope that the effect will be better, so they ask the doctor to use high energy, which will definitely cause pain and labor pain. If the pain is unacceptable, you can ask the doctor to apply epidermal anesthetic.

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