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What are the benefits of Liposonix hifu from Lefis?
September 12, 2021

Liposonix hifu body sculpting is approved by the US FDA, the world’s latest non-invasive focused ultrasound Tianchuang lipolysis body sculpting equipment. It is used for local fat-dissolving body sculpture caused by fat accumulation in small parts of the body such as waist and abdomen, thighs, etc. liposonix portable fat-dissolving body sculpture shape has no wounds, no recovery period, and only one treatment can show obvious results, liposonix slimming Machine weight loss is different from traditional weight loss methods. It pays more attention to non-invasive local fat reduction, perfect curve shaping, and helps you create charming curves…

liposonix hifu body sculpting

The principle of Hifu liposonix machine:

Hifu liposonix machine will emit the ultrasonic energy used by a high-intensity focused ultrasonic system, which can automatically lock the subcutaneous 1.3cm fat layer without harming the skin and surrounding tissues, convert the ultrasonic waves into heat energy, and soften it through high temperature , Decompose subcutaneous adipose tissue, and stimulate collagen contraction and thickening, quickly fill the vacancy of adipose tissue that has been drained with normal lymphatic metabolism, and make the skin firm and moisturizing. In a single treatment, it can permanently dissolve fat cells, and a course of one hour can show the same effect as expected.


6 major features of Hifu liposonix machine:

High-energy focused ultrasound (HIFU) permanently destroys fat and reduces the number of fat cells;

The intelligent scanning system locks 1.3 cm of subcutaneous fat without causing any damage to the epidermis;

Non-intrusive and more secure. The hifu liposonix machine uses high-intensity, focused ultrasound to generate heat and ablate fat without surgery, which is very safe.

Direct fat loss without rebound. It can permanently destroy subcutaneous fat and directly reduce the amount of fat without rebound.

Proliferate collagen, firmer. While decomposing fat, hifu liposonix machine stimulates collagen regeneration, fills subcutaneous fat vacancies, and makes the skin smooth and elastic after treatment.

No recovery period, easier. The hifu liposonix machine is a non-invasive fat-dissolving device. It does not require injection or surgery, and does not affect normal life and work.


Why should you choose us for cooperation?

1. 2 Years Warranty and Whole Life Maintenance

2. High Energy. Imported US focused tips which have higher energy. That will get better treatment results.

3. Accurate Energy. Imported US Brand motor that could control the energy more accurately acting on skin. It is safe for treatment.

4. Uniform and stable energy distribution brings better clinical effect and quick treatment

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