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LEFIS beauty equipment use precautions and maintenance common sense
September 12, 2021

A good beauty equipment, in addition to the quality of its own products, also needs the careful maintenance of the user. What are the things that need to be paid attention to in the use of the beauty equipment? How to maintain it?

1. Beauty equipment is a high-precision electronic product. When storing and placing it, it should not be placed in a place with humidity, direct sunlight, or inflammable and explosive materials to prevent accidental damage.

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2. The surface of the beauty instrument should be kept clean, and it is best to cover it with flannel or gauze when not in use to prevent dust. For beauty instrument accessories such as probes, patches, shovel heads, electrode packs, etc., one person must clean it at a time. When cleaning, use a dry cloth or a wrung wet cloth to wipe it, and do not wash it with water.

3. The matching cosmetics must be used in accordance with the requirements of the beauty equipment manual. For example, probes, patches, shovel heads, etc. must not come into contact with oily or corrosive cosmetics.

4. All wire accessories are strictly prohibited from pulling and winding, so as not to break the power wire, and all beauty equipment must not enter water.

5. All beauty instruments are operated and controlled by computer automatic chips, so when using, try not to use high-frequency electrical appliances around, so as not to interfere with the normal operation of beauty and beauty instruments. (Like electric rolls, hair dryers, microwave beauty equipment, etc.). If there is interference, there are generally two phenomena (A. During normal use, a sudden crash occurs B. The LCD screen jumps randomly). The general solution is to turn off the power and restart the beauty equipment.

6. Beauty equipment can not be beat, strong collision, etc.

7. The main unit and accessories of beauty and beauty equipment generally need to be cleaned and cared for regularly, especially not to allow water to enter the interior of the beauty and beauty equipment.

8. If it is not used for a long time, it is best to use a moisture-proof and dust-proof bag to protect the beauty and beauty equipment as a whole. It is best to power on and work for an hour in about 15 days to prevent the internal electronic devices from being damp and aging.

In modern beauty services, beauty salon instruments, as a modern operating tool, have become an indispensable part of beauty services. In order to make a wide variety of beauty salon instruments play their functions better, it is necessary to correctly learn the operation method of beauty salon instruments.

1. Skin tester

(1) Structure and function

The skin tester is composed of a special UV lamp and a magnifying lens. Its function is to test various properties of the skin in order to provide a reliable basis for the design of beauty care programs.

(2) How to use

1. Clean the skin of the test site.

2. Place the tester 15-20 cm in front of the skin.

3. Turn on the power and observe the color of the skin after irradiation.

The following are the colors of the various characteristic skins in the tester

Blind White – Healthy neutral skin.

Blue-purple – dry skin.

Orange-yellow – acne sebum area.

Dark brown – areas of hyperpigmentation.

Suspended white – surface keratin aging.

Blue-yellow – oily skin.

Deep purple – ultra-dry skin c

Pale yellow – acne-prone areas.

Purple – sensitive skin.

(3) Matters needing attention

1. The test time should not exceed 2 minutes at most.

2. The nearest test distance is not less than 15 cm

3. Note that the eyes are protected from ultraviolet light:

4. Prevent the instrument from getting wet, and pay attention to the safety of the power supply.

(4) Daily self-cultivation

1. The instrument should be handled with care and wiped with a soft cloth commonly used.

2. Place in a ventilated place to avoid strong sunlight.

3. If the UV light tube is aging and damaged, please replace it in time.

Second, the steam meter

(1) Structure and function

The vapor meter, also known as the ion atomizer, is composed of a vapor generator and an oxygen lamp. The steam generator is composed of a glass beaker and an electric heating pipe element. After the instrument is connected to the power supply, the heat energy generated by the electric heating pipe makes the water in the cup gradually increase and boil to generate steam; the ozone lamp is a strong ultraviolet light source installed in the spray port. When used, it can emit ultraviolet rays that have a killing effect on microbial proteins, and has a strong bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect.

The rational use of the Osan steam instrument can not only promote local blood circulation, but also soften the keratin and expand the pores, which is also conducive to the protection of the deep skin and the input of nutrients. Especially when used in conjunction with ultraviolet light, ultraviolet light can sterilize and reduce inflammation, and has a certain effect on acne and inflammatory skin.

(2) How to use

1. Pour an appropriate amount of distilled water into the bottle and keep it below the engraved line.

2. Turn on the power and heat the water in the cup until the steam is evenly sprayed.

3. Adjust the steam engine to a reasonable spray position and direction.

4. Use it reasonably according to the skin condition.

(2) Matters needing attention

1 Use cotton pads to protect your eyes when spraying.

2. The spray u must be aimed at the customer after the sprayed steam has stabilized.

3. Allergic skin and wounded skin should be used.

4. Do not turn on UV light for chromatic skin.

(4) Daily maintenance

1. When using, pull and push gently, do not damage the components.

2. Wash with diluted acetic acid at intervals*.

3. The rubber is damaged due to aging. Please replace it in time*

3. High frequency electrotherapy device

(1) Structure and function

High-frequency electrotherapy device, also known as high-frequency electrotherapy device, is a beauty care device composed of high-frequency oscillating circuit boards and other electronic devices. Due to the intermittent high-voltage and high-frequency current generated by the high-frequency oscillating circuit board, the glass telegraph generates effective electricity and ultraviolet light, so that the peripheral blood vessels of the human skin can be contracted and expanded, which can improve blood circulation, sterilization and anti-inflammatory effects. .

(2) How to use

1. Clean the skin of the nursing area. And protect the double clothes with photos.

2. Turn on the power and adjust the current intensity.

3. Use a glass electrode with ultraviolet light to make point contact at the site of inflammation.

(3) Matters needing attention

1. The debugged glass electrode should be tested on the back of the hand first.

2. The click of a single part does not exceed 10 seconds o

3: Please inform the customer in advance that the acupuncture sensation caused by clicking is a normal phenomenon.

4. After use, turn off the power first, and then remove the glass gourd electrode.

5. Before and after use, the glass tubes are sterilized.

(4) Regular maintenance of the mouth

I The instrument should be wiped with a clean soft cloth.

2. Glass electrodes should be handled with care and stored properly.

3. Usually stored in a ventilated place.

4. Anion and cation meter

(1) Structure and function

The yin and yang ionizer is made of electronic function adjustment discs and series of electrode sockets and other TV and radio components. With the help of the self-current electricity of the Ding Roller, it can effectively guide nutrients into the inner layer of the skin, and at the same time, it can also detect the dirt on the skin. discharged smoothly. The introduction of yin and yang ions plays a very important role in improving the skin’s bad condition and accelerating the metabolism;

(2) How to use

1. Impurity export

(1) Turn the knob to the negative potential and connect to the power supply.

(2) Please hold the electrode rod wrapped with wet persimmon slices in hand.

(3) The medicine guide forceps wrapped around the normal saline cotton piece is on the guest. Spiral movement, timely replacement of cotton pieces until the export is completed.

2. Nutrient introduction

(1) Turn the knob to positive potential.

(2) Wrap the cotton sheet soaked with the essence around the drug guide forceps, and then introduce it into the human body.

(3) Adjust the current intensity

(2) Matters needing attention

1. Customers and pregnant women who have metal in their bodies are prohibited from using it.

2. The current intensity should be increased from small to large, so that guests can gradually adapt.

3. A slight puncture carbuncle during operation is a normal phenomenon.

(4) Daily maintenance

1. Wipe with a clean soft cloth, and avoid dampness in the ventilated place.

2. Do not contact the electrode rod with the drug-conducting rod after power-on.

3. Remove the wet cotton pad in time after use, and disinfect the drug guide forceps.

5. Ultrasonic beauty instrument

(—) Structure and function

The ultrasonic beauty instrument is composed of a frequency oscillating stepper and an ultrasonic transmitter. Its function is 1: Improve the blood circulation and lymph circulation of the human body, promote the combination of skin nutrition and cell regeneration, and play a role in beauty and health care.

Ultrasonic beauty instrument can be used to treat facial sores, pimples, crusty skin, telangiectasia, eye bags and dark circles, etc. It can also be used for anti-wrinkle and prevent the formation of fine wrinkles. It is a beauty and skin care instrument with dual functions of treatment and health care.

(2) How to use

1. Preheat the machine and maintain a stable working state.

2. Clean the nursing area, soften the cortex with steam or hot compress, and apply massage cream or liquid heart wax on the skin surface to ensure the sensitivity of the probe.

3. Adjust the output power of the instrument,

4. After the end of the Yi machine, stay for a while, and wash off the massage cream or therapeutic medicine with clean water.

(3) Matters needing attention

Control the operation force and the probe rotation direction. After the facial nutrients are fully absorbed, use

1. The probe should be moved close to the skin, and no air should enter.

2. Local treatment for more than 15 minutes.

3. The size of the sound wave can be adjusted according to the lesion area.

4. The sound head cannot be left empty for a long time to avoid overheating and damage to the chip

5. Sensitive skin needs to reduce the operation intensity.

(4) Daily maintenance

1. Always use the soft city to clean the instruments and nozzles.

2. Avoid heating the instrument during storage.

3. Avoid being interfered by other electronic components during use.

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