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Laser takes off armpit hair to return chairman laser takes off armpit hair to have harm to the body
September 12, 2021

Many girls will worry about their armpit hair is too long, so it is very important to take off armpit hair, today xiaobian and everyone together to understand some laser armpit hair, what laser armpit hair will grow, and laser armpit hair harm to the body?

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Does laser take off armpit hair to return chairman

It will. It just grows slower. The effective rate of laser hair removal is 90%, different parts, different thickness and color of hair treatment effect is different, but even if not completely removed, residual hair will become thin and soft, the growth rate becomes slower.




Does laser take off axillary hair to have harm to the body

Laser off armpit hair is basically no harm, but a few people may appear hair removal to skin redness, or a slight burning sensation phenomenon, but this kind of situation will be in 2 to 3 days to disappear, suggestion the love of beauty must do a good job in nursing after surgery, the operation area in a short period of time don’t get to touch water, and avoid the sun, causing melanin precipitation.




What crowd is not suitable for laser armpit hair removal

1. There is a history of infection or keloid in the treatment area.


2. People who have used other hair removal methods in a short period of time.


3. Women who are menstruating.




Characteristics of laser hair removal

1, the use of the best wavelength for treatment: laser can be fully selective absorption of melanin, while the laser can effectively penetrate the skin to reach the location of the hair follicle. The effect of the laser is effectively reflected in the hair follicle melanin to generate heat for hair removal.


2, the best hair removal effect, the laser pulse time is related to the size of the hair, the thicker the hair needs the laser action for a long time, in order to obtain the ideal effect at the same time can not damage the skin.


3. Laser hair removal is one of the less painful hair removal methods in all hair removal methods. The result of many clinical trials shows that the feeling of most patients is just that of “being hit by a rubber band”.

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