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Is laser hair removal safe? What factors are related to the effect of laser hair removal?
September 12, 2021

Everyone has hair on their body, some parts of the hair are what some people want, and some parts of the hair want to get rid of it. It’s just that the times and races are different, and the aesthetic standards are different.

There are various reasons for excessive hair growth: endocrine factors, major changes in various organs during puberty, maturation of the gonads, increased or abnormal levels of androgens secreted by testes, ovaries, and adrenal glands can lead to excessive body hair and excessive weight. Some endocrine diseases associated with hyperandrogenism, such as polycystic ovary terminal syndrome and SAHA syndrome, can also appear hirsutism. Some drugs, such as isotretinoin capsules for the treatment of moderate to severe acne, may increase and lengthen the hair. Genetic factors play a very important role in the amount of hair. Long-term use of hormone drugs or anti-epileptic drugs and long-term topical hormone ointment can cause calf hairy.

The safest and most effective hair removal method currently recognized is to use a laser hair removal machine to remove hair, and there is no one. There are many types of lasers that can be used for hair removal. The most classic is the 808 wavelength semiconductor laser hair removal, and the long pulse width 755nm alexandrite laser. The long pulse width (millisecond level) 1064nm laser is more suitable for dark-skinned people. Hair removal, reduce the probability of burns, Safer for dark skinned people. The microsecond-level 1064mm laser can remove small hairs that other types of lasers cannot remove (such as relatively thin lip hair, small and light hair on the cheeks and forehead), in addition to intense pulsed light hair removal. These laser and photon hair removal principles are based on the principle of selective photothermal action. The chromophore (melanin) in the hair follicle can absorb a certain wavelength of laser light. The laser targets melanin for precise and selective hair removal treatment, and removes hair safely and effectively. 


So how long is the hair removal interval?

Lefis wants to tell you that hair growth is divided into growth phase, regression phase and telogen phase, and laser hair removal is to act on the hair in the growth phase. The growth period of each part of the hair is different. Therefore, the interval of hair removal is generally 4-8 weeks. The parts with fast hair growth such as hairline, armpit hair, male beard, etc. can be removed once every 4 weeks. Small hairs can be shed every 6-8 weeks. A simple judgment is that after the hair removal, the hair grows significantly again, and the next hair removal can be carried out. Laser hair removal is generally done 5-10 times and the effect will be very significant.


What are the factors related to the effect of laser hair removal?

1. The thicker and darker the hair at the treatment site, the better the curative effect. For example, armpit hair and calf hair are better than lip hair.

2. The number of treatments: the more the number of treatments, the better the effect. Under normal circumstances, 5-10 treatments are very effective.

3. It is skin color: people with fair skin color can treat with higher energy density, so the effect will be better. People with more skin color can’t have high treatment energy (easy to burn), so the treatment parameters will be conservative compared with those with fair skin, and more treatments will be required.

4. Doctor’s factor: The doctor’s choice of hair removal equipment, including the wavelength, energy density, pulse width and spot selection and adjustment of the laser will affect the treatment effect.


Are there any adverse reactions to laser hair removal?

Of course it is possible, but very rare indeed. For example, inappropriate treatment parameters, too aggressive, individual differences and other influences may cause burns, resulting in transient pigmentation (on average about half a year), and very few people have allergic reactions, which can be treated and subsided. There are no other adverse reactions.


Will hair removal recur?

This is a question that many people worry about. Based on Lefis’ more than ten years of experience in the medical beauty business and the feedback of customers using laser hair removal machines after surgery, I tell everyone that although there will still be a little hair growth after repeated laser hair removal, do It is less than the so-called “hair removal”, but the effect after repeated hair removal is still ideal. Using a laser hair removal machine to remove hair is currently the safest and most effective hair removal method.

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