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How many times does it take to get rid of hair when you have laser hair removal ?
September 12, 2021

Laser hair removal has become the preferred method for many women to remove excess hair on their bodies. What everyone sees is its very good hair removal effect. It only takes 4-6 times to remove armpit hair, leg hair, and arm hair. These relatively fine lip hairs need to be done more than 10 times of laser hair removal.

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Laser hair removal is currently the most popular hair removal method for women. After laser hair removal, most of the hair on the body can be removed. However, laser hair removal takes several times to complete, so how many times can lazer hair removal be completed? ? The following is a detailed explanation of common sense in this area.

How many times to do laser hair removal?

808nm Diode laser usually needs to be done 4-6 times to remove 90% of the hair on the body. The main reason is that when laser hair removal is performed, the energy can only be used for hair removal in the growing period, while the hair follicles are at rest. period and shedding period,

Laser hair removal does not remove it. Therefore, if you want to remove all the excess hair on your body, you need to do it 4-6 times under normal circumstances.


Different parts of the laser hair removal times are different:

We know that the number of times of laser hair removal is not the same for different parts of the hair. For example, armpit hair, leg hair, arm hair need 4-6 times, while lip hair is finer and needs to be done about 10 times. The reason Different parts of the hair respond differently to laser treatment. In addition, the number of laser hair removal is also affected by the amount of original body hair of the beauty seeker. People with thick hair have more laser hair removal.

How long is the best interval between laser hair removal?

The time interval between two laser hair removal treatments is preferably 30 to 45 days, based on the fact that the hair follicles are generally 30-45 days from the degenerative phase to the growth phase. After a laser hair removal, the hair in the growth phase will fall off, and the hair that is not in the growth phase will not fall off. After 30-45 days, the hair will enter the growth phase from the resting phase. At this time, you need to receive the laser again. Hair removal treatment, after a few laser hair removal, you can see all the hair is removed.

Now we know that under normal circumstances, it takes 4-6 times to remove all the hair through laser hair removal. After these hairs are removed, everyone’s image will be greatly improved. This is what many beauty-loving women are very willing to do. As you can see, you can also wear some more sexy clothes when summer comes.

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