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The most complete Laser Co2 Vaginal Tightening Machine knowledge is here
September 12, 2021

1. What is a fractional CO2 laser

Lattice CO2 laser = lattice + CO2 laser, not lattice + CO2 + laser.

Lattice, this term is from engineering at first glance, originally referring to a periodic arrangement of crystals. These are arranged in a lattice like the picture below (don’t be afraid of dense fear)

CO2 laser, the name of the laser is generally determined according to the excitation medium. You can understand the CO2 laser as a laser excited from CO2 gas under a special device, just like grapefruit juice is squeezed from grapefruit (if it is science and engineering, ignore it I explain this). Once a girl entered the treatment room and asked: What do you use to hold CO2 gas? Another girl asked: Do you need CO2? My friend sells dry ice, liquid nitrogen… (this is a business savvy). Therefore, CO2 laser is not to blow CO2 in the air directly to your body for treatment. (However, btw, there is really a CO2 treatment for fat loss)

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2. Why do you need a CO2 laser in array mode?

CO2 laser is a kind of exfoliation laser (exfoliation, that is, if it is done, it will scab), which is similar to dermabrasion, which can repair and rebuild the skin (not broken or standing, there is a kind of idea of ​​shoveling the wall and scraping the putty), but Extensive treatment is prone to pigmentation, discoloration, and even scarring. It’s too shallow to be effective, too deep to be unsafe, and very embarrassing.

The laser in the fractional mode is different. When the laser acts on the skin, there is normal skin between the two points, so that the skin can recover quickly under the premise of ensuring a sufficient depth of puncture, and it is not easy to cause side effects. .

3. What can fractional CO2 laser do?

Fraxel Fractional laser resurfacing machine is the gold standard technology for laser skin repair and reconstruction. Therefore, fractional lasers are often used to treat various types of scars. Fractional CO2 laser therapy for scars is a breakthrough in scar therapy, and its curative effect is better than topical anti-scar drugs in non-surgical treatment. However, the effect of laser treatment on scars is to improve, pay attention to only improve, not remove. After multiple treatments (3 to 5 times), the improvement is generally between 40-80%. It can mainly improve the flatness, texture and color of scars.

Burns, other post-traumatic scars, especially those that are thick after a year or two

Surgical scars, especially incision scarring

Stretch marks, stretch marks (special types of scars)

4. What are the precautions for the care of Gynecology Co2 Vaginal Tightening Laser Machine?

Avoid water for 3 days, not to avoid all liquids, if there is a sterile mask, if there is sterile saline, it can be contacted.

Appropriate external application of growth factors to promote repair

The scab will fall off naturally, do not pick it out, it will fall off in 5-7 days

Pay attention to sun protection after the scab falls off, and apply sunscreen scientifically, even if you are an office worker

5. What are the adverse reactions of fractional CO2 laser?

Pain Pain during treatment (slight or severe pain after applying anesthesia, generally tolerable), throbbing burning pain after treatment, usually relieved after two or three hours

Slight swelling, usually 1-2 days

Exudation, some people will have tissue fluid exudation, pale yellow after finishing, do not think that infection, (generally young people are prone to occur, after all, the skin has high water content, which is called tender running water)

Scab This scab does not have the thick and crusty feeling like a blood scab. It is generally brown and has a thin layer. When the scab falls off, it is like rubbing mud, so most people cannot enjoy the pleasure of falling in pieces

Red, it starts to turn red after finishing, the scab may be reddish brown, and the scab is pink and red after the scab is removed, usually 2-3 weeks, some 2-3 months, very few people even 6-12 months. Redness is a manifestation of the recovery period and is a normal process. It is not that the skin is thinning. The essence of redness is angiogenesis, because the skin needs nutrients for healing. It’s just that sometimes the blood vessels are disobedient, and they don’t retreat in time after work.

Pigmentation, in fact, fractional CO2 laser is not as fond of pigmentation as people worry about. Generally, there is no sun protection after surgery, and pigment metabolism is active within 1-3 months after treatment.

6.Other frequently asked questions about fractional laser treatment

1) Why should there be stimulation depth?

The micron-scale CO2 laser reaches the dermis layer, which can cause collagen regeneration, collagen rearrangement, and the proliferation or apoptosis of scar fibroblasts, so as to cause sufficient tissue remodeling, play a therapeutic role, and improve texture and smoothness.

2) Why should the entire scar distribution area be treated?

Laser scanning is required to treat the entire area, including normal skin in the distribution area, so that the skin can be re-healed, the overall collagen shrinks, and the skin is firmed, so that better results can be achieved.

3) Why did the scab fall off and the effect was not seen?

The scab is only a sign of the healing of the epidermis, or the effect will slowly come out from the scab. This is because tissue remodeling relies on collagen rearrangement, which usually reaches a peak in two to three months and lasts for half a year. Therefore, most people see results after 1 month.

4) How long is the interval reasonable?

Fractional CO2 laser treatment interval is generally the shortest interval of 2 months, and the longer time is 3 months, or even half a year.

5) Why does the protein smell burnt during treatment?

A normal reaction after CO2 laser acts on the skin, protein coagulation and gasification, will inevitably have this smell. The essence of treatment is to use a controllable damage (sub-injury) to achieve repair, so there is no need to worry about smelling this smell.

6) Is the light yellow liquid infection after treatment?

There is often tissue exudation after treatment with Ultra Pulse Co2 10600nm Fractional Laser System, which is a normal reaction, especially common in young patients (young skin is rich in water), not a purulent infection, which usually ends on the same day, slow 2-3 The days will also recover. Red, swollen and exudate for more than 2-3 days, it is necessary to seek medical attention in time.

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