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Market Status and Development History of Laser Beauty Instrument Industry in 2022
September 12, 2021

Now with the increase of people’s income and the continuous improvement of aesthetic requirements, the laser beauty instrument industry has also ushered in a period of rapid growth, but compared with the medical beauty industry, the overall scale of the laser beauty instrument industry still has a large room for growth. Although my country’s laser beauty instrument industry started late, it has developed and popularized rapidly. The overall strength of laser beauty instrument companies is strong, and the world’s top ten laser beauty instrument brands Chinese companies account for most of them. LEFIS is one of the top ten beauty companies in China.

5d hifu machine

First know the history of the development of laser beauty equipment

Basic research stage (1960s): The first meaningful laser was introduced into the clinic by Maiman in 1960. It consisted of a ruby ​​and was capable of emitting a laser at a wavelength of 694 nm. In 1961, ruby ​​laser was used to weld dissected retinas; in 1963, Goldman L began to apply ruby ​​laser to benign skin lesions and tattoo treatment with success. In 1965, Goldman reported that ruby ​​laser was used to effectively remove tattoos without scarring after treatment; then ND:YAG laser was applied to remove tattoos and treat superficial vascular malformations. In 1968, Shanghai developed Nd:YAG laser.

Clinical use stage (1970s): In 1970, Goldman L et al. first used continuous CO2 laser to treat basal cell carcinoma and skin hemangioma. Due to the continuous provision of effective laser power and energy density, it overcomes the low power of early pulsed laser, The shortcomings of low efficiency have set off the first wave of laser treatment at home and abroad.

The mature stage of development (1990s): in the early 1990s, the application of Q-switched laser in the treatment of pigmented diseases such as nevus of Ota, tattoos, etc. has achieved almost perfect therapeutic effects; in the middle and late 1990s, the variable pulse width 532nm laser was used to treat blood vessels Sexual diseases have also achieved good results. At this time, advanced complete sets of laser beauty instruments from the United States, Israel, Germany and other countries were quickly introduced into China and became popular. Some domestic laser beauty instruments were also used more and more in China and gradually replaced the leading position of foreign products.

Do you know the working principle of laser beauty equipment?

In 1983, Anderson RR and Parrish JA proposed the theory of selective photothermal action, namely “photothermal separation” theory, which means that according to the biological characteristics of different tissues, the appropriate wavelength, energy, and pulse duration are selected to ensure While effectively treating the diseased tissue, try to avoid damage to the surrounding normal tissue.

Three effects of light on tissues:

1. Photothermal effect:

Photothermal effect is divided into thermal effect, thermal solidification, thermal stripping. Thermal effect: when the temperature rises to a certain degree of about 60℃-65℃, the collagen fibers can shrink to 1/3 of the original length and the diameter of the collagen increases, and the integrity of the corresponding tissue structure is not affected; thermal coagulation: when When the temperature is higher than 75°C and the time is long enough, the tissue will be thermally coagulated, and a certain amount of dispersed thermal coagulation will bring about a lasting and obvious skin reconstruction effect. Causes tissue vaporization, combustion and molecular fragmentation and plasma formation leading to tissue wound formation.

2. Photodynamic reaction

A method in which light irradiates tissue, causing one or a series of chemical reactions in the tissue to effectively treat or improve the diseased part (target tissue).

3. Light stimulation

What are the best-selling beauty devices on the market?

According to the different applications of laser beauty instrument products, it can be divided into four types: CO2 laser beauty instrument, picosecond laser beauty instrument, Q-switched laser beauty instrument and fractional laser beauty instrument.

According to the application effect and demand characteristics of the products, the structural characteristics of laser beauty products in the beauty market are counted. The Q-switched laser beauty instrument is the most recognized in the market, accounting for 34.28% of the market. The picosecond laser beauty instrument is in its high cost and high With the promotion of application demand, the scale proportion ranks second at 27.19%, and the scale proportion of fractional laser beauty instruments and CO2 laser beauty instruments are both lower than 20%.

Laser beauty instrument

The principle of discoloration: the instantaneously emitted high-energy fixed-wavelength laser penetrates the epidermis to the diseased tissue in a very short time (only 6ns), and quickly and effectively destroys the pigment in the diseased tissue (ie, the principle of photoblasting). The corresponding pigment group expands rapidly, bursts and breaks when heated, some (superficial) pigments are ejected from the body, and the other (deep) pigments are fragmented into small particles that can be phagocytosed by macrophages in the human body. It is metabolized out of the body through the lymphatic circulatory system of the human body, and the pigment of the diseased tissue gradually fades until it disappears, while the surrounding normal skin tissue has almost no damage because it does not absorb the fixed wavelength of laser light.

Fractional laser

Fractional laser technology is superior to similar products in scar removal, especially in the treatment of hypertrophic scars, acne scars and stretch marks. The landmark patented technology and the use of fractional laser make laser scar removal safer and more effective. Each treatment only takes ten minutes, which does not affect work, study and life. Not only that, the fractional laser also has excellent performance in acne, wrinkle removal, and freckle removal. It disperses the originally gathered light spots into dozens to hundreds of smaller focal spots, and the laser action point can reach the dermis layer, which not only ensures the skin The integrity of the stratum corneum avoids damage to the skin epidermis, and can penetrate deep into the skin, stimulates the proliferation of tissue collagen, and also promotes the reorganization of collagen. The skin has obvious plump, strong and tender effect, making the skin delicate, smooth, elastic, and improving the quality of the skin.

At the same time, fractional laser breaks through the limitations of traditional laser skin resurfacing and is a breakthrough in the field of medical optics. The lattice is just a mode of laser emission, and the lattice laser outputs a single wavelength of laser light in the form of a matrix-arranged microcomputer beam. There are up to 5 kinds of rectangular shapes (circle, square, rectangle, diamond, triangle, ), which are suitable for different parts and different skin types.

photorejuvenation device

The photorejuvenator is the most advanced high-tech beauty equipment in the international beauty industry. It has passed the authoritative US FDA certification. More than 90 TV programs in the United States have successively reported this advanced technology. It is highly respected by international beauty and has been promoted to Japan. , Singapore, Taiwan and other countries and regions, photorejuvenation is a non-intrusive and harmless penetrating epidermis, which makes the skin really change the skin texture from the inside out.

Seeing these, I believe that everyone already knows the development history and principles of different beauty equipment. As an advanced production enterprise in China’s beauty industry, LEFIS has sufficient resources and qualifications. If you want to have cost-effective beauty equipment, come to LEFIS. If you want to customize your own brand of beauty equipment, you should come to LEFIS. We will welcome you with the best quality and service!

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