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Is your skin suitable for fractional laser scar removal?
September 12, 2021

Some people will leave scars on their bodies for various reasons. Unsightly scars will gradually make people feel inferior. Therefore, most people will choose to do scar removal. Is your skin suitable for fractional laser scar removal? The existence of scars is not only dazzling and difficult, but also makes people feel inferior, so it is very important to eliminate scars now, so is your skin suitable for fractional laser scar removal?

Is your skin suitable for fractional laser scar removal?

The formation of scars is actually the product of self-repair after human skin is injured, but according to the shape and nature of scars, the methods of removing scars are naturally different.

1. Superficial scars: The injury only affects the skin epidermis or the superficial dermis, showing mild unevenness, often accompanied by different degrees of pigmentation, and the local area is relatively soft and flat, generally not accompanied by dysfunction.

2. Hypertrophic scars: Once the serious damage to the skin involves the deep dermis, hypertrophic scars may be formed. It is manifested as thickened, prominent scar tissue on the skin surface, redness due to congestion in the early stage, often accompanied by pain, itching and discomfort. Hypertrophic scars on the neck and limb joints often affect the movement of the joints.

3. Atrophic scars: often occur after long-term ulcer wound healing, or in areas with less subcutaneous tissue, such as scalp, anterior tibia injury. The scar is thin, flat or slightly higher than the skin surface, which can be closely adhered to the deep tissue, and is light red or white. The epidermis is very thin, and it is easy to repeatedly rupture and form ulcers.

4. Contracture scars: After the scars proliferate and harden, contractures occur. If they occur in the joints of the limbs, the joints cannot be fully extended. The contracture scars in the neck cause the head to be unable to lift, which must be solved by surgery.

5. Keloid: It is a special type of scar that mostly occurs on the chest, shoulders and back, and where the earlobe pierces the ear hole. It is often manifested as a hard scar that clearly protrudes from the skin surface, is painful and itchy, and will gradually grow up and even invade normal tissues. Keloid is characterized by refractory and high recurrence, and must be improved by comprehensive treatment.

6. Linear scar: It is a relatively common scar in clinical practice, which is mostly caused by scratches, cuts, knife cuts, etc. It is manifested as linear scar tissue of different lengths and widths.

7. Flaky scars: Mostly caused by abrasions, burns, skin avulsions, etc., and manifested as sheets of scar tissue, which can proliferate, thicken, and contractures.

What are the advantages of laser scar removal?

1. Significantly improve and enhance the appearance of the body, the effect is better. No strong bandaging required, almost no swelling.

2. The operation is safe and painless: local or general anesthesia is used, and the entire operation is safe and painless.

3. The operation is completely treated, there is no scar, and there is no rebound, no valgus, and no deformation after the operation.

4. After the operation, the treatment area has a realistic appearance, is safe and stable, has a short recovery period and has a natural personality. Significant improvement in body appearance in the treated area.

5. Compared with other similar surgical methods, the incision is small, the damage is small, and the precision is high.

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