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Is laser scar removal real? How does it work?
September 12, 2021

Some traumas are very easy to form scars. It is impossible to heal by themselves. Many friends will choose laser to remove scars. What is the effect?

Is laser scar removal effective?

Lasers are suitable for the treatment of relatively limited concave scars with an area of ​​less than 20cm.

And it must be carried out with drug injection or radiotherapy at the same time. If the scar area is too large, it is difficult for the center of the wound to be completely epithelialized, and the depressed scar is easy to recur after treatment. Generally, the base of the wound surface is completely epithelialized and a layer is formed 2-3 weeks after the depressed scar. dense fiber layer.

Laser treatment of depressed scars starts by injecting drugs at the base and edge of the wound. Children or those with depressed scar area less than 4cm2 can use 1/3-1/2 dose as appropriate.

The laser scar removal technology combines the data theory of skin beauty research, and adds hyperbaric oxygen and light energy polymerization technology in the treatment process, so that the scar removal can achieve the effect of eradication.

Compared with the traditional mechanical peeling method and grinding scar removal method, laser scar removal has a wider range of applications and faster results.

The focused micro-pixel pulse of the laser beam penetrates softer, and the energy is more uniform and stable, so there is no discomfort in the process of scar removal, and it will not cause skin damage. The skin problems are solved more carefully and the effect is more prominent.

If combined with radio wave facelift, Nliter laser and other technologies, the effect will be more perfect.

1. Superficial scars of the epidermis or dermis

Such as sunburn, superficial abrasions, burns, etc.

2. Hypertrophic scars or keloids

It often occurs in the front chest, scapula, back back, abdomen and limbs of adults and adolescents, and it is related to individual physique.

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1. The method of laser treatment of scars is suitable for flat scars without obvious dysfunction.



2. Scattered pitted scars of varying sizes and unevenness left after the healing of chickenpox and acne.



3. Bridge-shaped and hypertrophic scars can also be used to treat hypertrophic scars and keloids.

【Preoperative preparation】

①Before laser scar removal surgery, you must do a good health check, check whether there is any abnormality in internal diseases such as heart, liver, lung, blood, etc., and understand the history of previous surgery, medication, allergies, etc.

②You must stop drinking alcohol, aspirin, vitamin E and other vasodilator drugs within one week before laser scar removal.

③Before doing laser scar removal, you must pay attention to cleaning the surface, and decide whether you need to fast according to the state of anesthesia.

Before laser scar removal surgery, it is necessary to have a comprehensive and in-depth conversation with the doctor to understand the steps of the surgical process, the degree of pain, the speed of recovery, the effect achieved and the degree of risk, and let the doctor know your general situation as much as possible. , the motivation of high expansion surgery, whether the expectations for surgery are in line with the actual situation.

【Postoperative care】

1. After laser repairing scars, you must follow the doctor’s plan to restore the skin texture to its natural state;

2. Do not exfoliate, take a sauna, etc. within six months.

3. Do not use inferior cosmetics.

4. Eat more foods containing vitamin C and E, and try to eat less irritating foods such as pickles, soy sauce, crab, beef, shrimp, wine, and coffee.

5. Keep a good mood and ensure enough sleep.

Summary: If you meet the scar removal conditions, the effect is still very good, and you take these measures before and after the operation, and you will definitely have perfect skin!

Scar treatment can choose surgical treatment and non-surgical treatment.

There are many non-surgical treatment methods, such as compression therapy, sealing therapy, cryotherapy, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, chemical peeling, laser therapy, etc.

In recent years, fractional laser has achieved good results in the treatment of superficial scars, and plasma beam treatment of scars is the latest research achievement. The doctor will formulate the most reasonable treatment plan according to the patient’s condition, which can be surgical treatment alone or a combination of surgical and non-surgical treatment.

How to prevent scars

1. For wounds after surgery, it is best to reduce activities, otherwise it will affect wound healing and stimulate scar formation. This is the reason why the scars at the joints of the limbs are usually more obvious.

2. The younger the skin, the stronger the elasticity and the greater the tension, so the scars produced are thicker, redder, harder, and fade slower. The elderly have the opposite conditions and loose epidermal tension, so the scars are produced. less obvious.

3. After the operation, the wound must be well cared for and sutures removed in time, avoid sun exposure and use cosmetics or skin care products to reduce the result of pigmentation and scarring.

4. For wounds after surgery, to avoid bad scars, it is necessary to press and massage properly, or use compressive stickers (such as the most commonly used paper tape, or silicone sheets), but do not use too much force, so that the The wound is open.

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