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How much can laser scar removal recover? Can there be no trace at all?
September 12, 2021

Some friends say that they want to do laser scar removal, but many of them don’t know much about it, so today I will give you a good homework for laser scar removal.

1. The principle of laser scar removal:

Laser scar removal is the use of different wavelengths of colored light to selectively treat scar parts. By controlling the laser wavelength, it can repair different tissues and different degrees of scars without damaging the skin tissue.

When the laser is irradiated on the skin and then penetrates into the subcutaneous tissue, the scar tissue is changed from particles to powder until it is absorbed and removed by cells, and the scar will change from deep to shallow and from shallow to disappear.

Advantages of laser scar removal:

①. Laser scar removal not only has obvious cosmetic effects, but also works very quickly. Under normal circumstances, you can see very significant changes after surgery, which can be said to be immediate.

②. Laser scar removal is a thorough scar repair method. It solves the defects of large-scale scars that are difficult to be completely removed by surgery, so that beauty lovers who are troubled by scars can regain beautiful and smooth skin.

3. Traditional scar repair surgery mostly uses excision and grinding to eliminate scars. In fact, the skin is easily damaged by the second time, while laser scar removal is non-invasive beauty, no need to use a knife, and it will not hurt the skin. It is a perfect treatment for scars. While achieving smooth skin, there will be no traces left after surgery.

④. Of all the scar removal methods, laser scar removal is the only one that is pain-free and effective, and does not even require local anesthesia during the process.

2. What types of scars are suitable for:

Superficial scars on the epidermis or dermis such as sunburn, superficial abrasions, burns, etc.

Hypertrophic scars or keloids often occur on the front chest, scapula, back, abdomen and limbs of adults and adolescents, and are related to individual physique.

3. It needs to be done several times:

The frequency of laser scar removal mainly depends on the type of scar, such as acne atrophic scars, laser treatment is generally about three to five times, and the degree of scar depression can be improved by 30% to 50% after one course of treatment.

4. Price:

The price of laser scar removal usually ranges from 1,000 to 3,000 yuan per treatment. The cost of laser treatment will vary depending on the treatment area and institution.

5. Are there any traces that can be removed?

LEFIS wants to say that any current treatment method cannot completely eliminate scars, but can only lighten or lighten them. Generally, after a few courses of treatment, the scars can be faded to the extent that they are basically invisible.

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