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Why is our Hifu so popular in beauty salons and beauty clinics?
September 12, 2021

As age continues to grow, wrinkles also come with age. Wrinkles have always been a symbol of aging, so they have not been accepted by beauty lovers. Now many people are facing skin problems. In order to improve their skin, they chose smas 4D, ultrasound facial machine can make women’s skin more supple.

body slimming machine

Because the wrinkle removal machine beauty can play the role of firming the skin, improving large pores and smoothing muscle fine lines, as well as removing forehead lines and nasolabial lines. Generally, this method mainly uses ultrasonic energy, which is irradiated on the surface of the skin at the speed of light, penetrates into the subcutaneous fascia layer, causes the subcutaneous temperature to rise rapidly, stimulates the continuous generation of subcutaneous collagen and elastic fibers, and achieves the effect of treatment. This method has less local trauma and will recover faster. After the treatment, keep the area clean and dry, avoid getting water on the area, and do not make exaggerated facial expressions, which will help the wound heal quickly.

Because the effect is good, many beauty lovers will choose to go to beauty salons and clinics to do it. A good body slimming machine can give customers a better experience and effect. Having a good non-surgical face lift and having a good after-sale service is what beauty salons consider.


What are the advantages of Lefis’ hifu machine?

1 .15″ luxry touch screen for easy operation. The bigger screen would bring you better visual perception

2. Equipped with 2 handles , more professional and flexible for different area treatment. Vmax handle is professional for smaller area of ​​face, 8D Hifu is mainly for face and body.

3. Two working modes for options.Professional mode with free setting parameter and memory function for saving data;Smart mode with limited energy and preset parameters for simple and safe treatment

4. Accurate energy. The Ultrasound energy precisely acts on different depths of the skin. That would not only make the treatment effect is effective, but also guarantee the treatment is safety

5. Stable energy. The shot is more tinny and uniform. So patient would enjoy a more comfortable and faster treatment

6. Large treatment area than 7D hifu. The 8D hifu shot time is 10,000 per cartridge; one shot is total 10 lines and 25mm length in maximum.

7. Safety treatment. The handle would be inspected by Automatic recognition system before working. More safety for treatment.


What benefit will you get?

1. No downtime. Patients can back to work immediately after treatment.

2. Fast operation. Full face and neck treatment only takes 45-60minuts.

3. Immediate treatment effect. You would see the result obviously even after 1 time treatment.

4. Attentive technical support. We are the direct manufacturer; our professional technical department would provide solution with you within 72 hours once you met any problems.

After knowing these, what are you waiting for? If you want to have good beauty products, come to Lefis to learn about it!

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