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10 Questions to Pay Attention to in Fractional Co2 Laser Skin Resurfacing Machine Treatment
September 12, 2021

1. What treatment modes does the Skin renewing Co2 Fractional laser machine have?

A: There are two types of peeling mode and scanning mode. The peeling mode can be layered peeling, and there are ① continuous pulse, ② multi-pulse, ③ ultra-pulse and other working modes; scanning mode, also known as lattice mode or lattice laser, is in The lesion area forms a lattice cauterization area composed of multiple laser action points and intervals.

2. What is the mechanism of action of Fractional RF CO2 Laser Beauty Machine?

Answer: In the exfoliation mode treatment, the laser forms an action point in the lesion area with the same size as the laser spot area, cauterizes and vaporizes the diseased tissue, and eliminates the tissue; in the lattice mode, the energy of each laser action point is compared with the original one. The laser energy is greatly reduced, and these action points have enough energy to penetrate the superficial layer of the skin (stratum corneum and epidermis) to the dermis, stimulate the proliferation of collagen in the dermal tissue, promote the reorganization of collagen, and then promote the skin tissue. “Regeneration”, and the interval between each laser action point ensures that only a small part of the skin is affected by the laser each time the laser is irradiated. Heat-damaged for rapid skin recovery, resulting in a dramatic improvement in skin wrinkles, texture and complexion in a short period of time.

Compared with peeling mode treatment, the energy of fractional laser irradiation is more uniform and stable, and the mode of action changes from large-area action to local action. Only minimally invasive treatment is performed on the lesion area of ​​the skin, and other normal skin tissues are not affected. Maintenance is more precise and safety is more guaranteed. At the same time, because the fractional laser treatment is minimally invasive, for most patients, the pain during treatment is mild.

3. What are the indications of Erbium 1550nm fractional laser machine?

Answer: ①Applicable to superficial scars of all ages and periods, ②Chronic non-healing wounds, ③Facial anti-aging and wrinkle-removal treatment, mainly used for local and comprehensive skin resurfacing, repairing aging skin, improving complexion Even, large pores, rough skin, sagging skin.

4. What are the contraindications of CO2 Fractional Laser Machine?

Answer: ① Active infection (mainly herpes virus infection), ② Those who have tanned recently (especially within 4 weeks), ③ Active skin inflammation, ④ The skin barrier is damaged (increased skin sensitivity), ⑤ Patients with suspicious malignant lesions in the treatment area;

5. How does Fractional Co2 Laser Skin Resurfacing Machine work?

Answer: It is effective, generally requires multiple (3-5) treatments, which can make the scar skin color close to normal skin, flatten the skin, and soften the texture; it can promote the healing of chronic wounds; it can loosen the scar skin with mild contracture untie.

6. Are there any side effects of Laser Co2 Vaginal Tightening Machine?

Answer: Carbon dioxide laser therapy is a wound treatment. Usually 1-3 days after treatment, it belongs to the exudation period, and the wound will be relatively moist; 3-5 days, the wound will dry and form a crust; 7-10 days, the crust will fall off. The color of the wound becomes red and darkened; after 2-6 months of recovery, the skin gradually returns to normal. Therefore, this treatment has the risk of pigmentation. Too deep treatment can induce scar hyperplasia. Too high treatment energy and high density can cause skin necrosis, forming a wound.

7. Is it painful to use the Gynecology Co2 Vaginal Tightening Laser Machine?

Answer: Laser treatment is invasive treatment, and the pain is strong during the treatment process, so it is generally treated under epidermal anesthesia to reduce pain to a greater extent. For patients who are sensitive to pain or children, large-scale treatment is best carried out under sedation and anesthesia. , to achieve painless treatment.

8. Is it safe to use Fractional Co2 Laser Skin Resurfacing Machine?

A: Regular medical institutions with rich experience, it is very safe to use this method for treatment.

9. How to care after Ultra Pulse Co2 10600nm Fractional Laser System treatment?

After laser treatment, external use of anti-scar and anti-infective drugs is needed to keep the wound clean and dry. Do not see water within 5 days after fractional laser treatment, but it will see water after 5 days. Pick it up by hand to avoid new scarring. Keep in touch with the hospital, take medication and review on time, and complete multiple treatment courses to obtain better results.

10. Can children make CO2 Fractional Laser Machine?

A: Children can do it, at any age, and there are basically no obvious side effects.

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