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This paper introduces the use and operation of EMS guided instrument.
September 12, 2021

EMS beauty guide comprehensive instrument is one of the new beauty instruments in 2020. This product is more suitable for the use of beauty salon instruments, because the operation requires more professional use. This product has RF radio frequency introduction and -10 quick freezing effect, and also uses microcrystalline head needle-free water light + composite bioelectricity + radio frequency to directly achieve deep skin effect and skin effect.


The working head of EMS beauty comprehensive instrument uses the combination of monocrystalline silicon and nutrient solution to act on the skin. Monocrystalline silicon is a relatively tough material, which has been precisely processed to make it thinner, denser, and better to open up skin channels for cosmetic instruments. RF radio frequency effeccan lift the face, eliminate wrinkles, highly repair and improve skin vitality. Freezing effect: shrink pores, firm skin, water circulation refrigeration can freeze to -10 degrees.

Monocrystalline silicon also has RF radio frequency effect, and the nutrient solution can be placed on the monocrystalline silicon working handle, so that the nutrient solution can be efficiently introduced into the skin for absorption. After using the monocrystalline silicon working head, we can use the freezing working head to quickly calm the skin, shrink pores, tighten the skin and lock in moisture. The performance and efficacy of this beauty salon instrument wholesale product is a comprehensive combination of multiple effects, and it is recommended to be equipped in beauty equipment.

Before using the beauty guide, we recommend reading the manual and the operation video before using it. If you encounter any problems during use, you can consult customers and purchase dealers. Lefis will provide the most cost-effective products and the most professional services, teach you hands-on, and work with you to the future in 2022!

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