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What kind of instrument is the electrical muscle stimulator?
September 12, 2021

In the modern society where material life is constantly being improved, people’s pursuit of the spiritual world is becoming more and more high-end, and everyone has a love for beauty. This sentence is even more appropriate for women. From buying all kinds of skin care products to going to beauty salons to doing micro plastic surgery, women have never stopped moving forward on the road of beauty. In the past two years, the appearance of beauty instruments has naturally become the object of women’s pursuit and enthusiasm, because the emergence of ems muscle stimulator has facilitated everyone’s life, and can do skin care without leaving home, and can satisfy the needs of care anytime, anywhere every day. Take care of this need.

Fractional RF CO2 Laser Beauty Machine

Muscle stimulator ems is a kind of beauty instrument that acts on the human body through computer microwaves, supplements human bioelectricity, activates cells, and restores skin elasticity, so as to solve some skin problems and delay skin aging. Micro-current (EMS) products can stimulate muscle contraction through micro-current, so that cells can produce energy substance ATP, and cells can metabolize better with energy, so as to achieve the effect of skin beautification and firming.

What are the functions of the micro-current beauty instrument?

This electrical muscle stimulator device is usually used in many treatments in beauty salons, such as firming and wrinkle removal, lightening dark circles, etc. Generally speaking, it has the following beauty functions:

1. Enhance cell activity, promote muscle movement, and restore skin elasticity;

2. Accelerate the blood circulation of microvessels, enhance cell permeability, so that nutrients can be effectively supplied to muscle tissue and skin;

3. The ions generated by the micro-current can penetrate deeply into the skin, replenishing the skin’s moisture to restore moisture, smoothness and tenderness;

4. The microwave current makes the electric stimulation penetrate deep into the subcutaneous tissue to the muscle, which helps to repair the elastic fibers and glial layer of the skin, thereby stretching and reducing wrinkles.

In terms of muscle tightening, the role of microcurrent is to stimulate muscle contraction movement, make the muscles more full and firm, and make your muscles plump and develop instead of reducing.

On the stimulation of the dermis, it can promote cells to produce more ATP (adenosine triphosphate), and ATP can promote the production of collagen.

For relieving the state of loose skin, it helps to relieve fine lines and sagging caused by muscle relaxation; but it cannot achieve a large face-lift, nor can it shrink masseter muscles and dissolve fat.

However, long-term persistent use can indeed make the skin more firm, radiate more collagen, ensure a clear outline of the face, and make the whole person look younger, more energetic, and more energetic.

Although the electrical muscle stimulation machine micro-current can indeed play a certain role in skin beauty, there are still some precautions in the actual operation process, not all skin conditions are suitable for micro-current. Damaged skin, acne-inflamed skin should not be cared for with a micro-current beauty device. Everyone must keep this in mind.

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