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Does beauty equipment really matter to a storefront?
September 12, 2021

LEFIS Beauty Instrument is a professional private OEM custom agency medical beauty instrument service provider, providing the latest laser beauty equipment, a complete range of weight loss equipment, efficient beauty equipment, vacuum cavitation machine, medical beauty equipment, ipl laser machine, hifu machine, picosecond laser, laser hair removal machine, fractional co2 laser machine, laser fat dissolving weight loss, ems muscle stimulator machine, etc;

hifu liposonix machine

The functional scope of LEFIS beauty equipment:

Laser hair removal machine: It is used for the safe removal of various types of hair. Compared with the long-pulse 1064nm laser, IPL and other equipment, the freezing point semiconductor 808nm hair removal laser also has the safety of the long-wavelength laser, plus its fast sliding technology, multi-pulse Technology, large spot technology, 10Hz frequency technology, ultra-long pulse width, ultra-high power are currently very safe, fast, painless and efficient hair removal equipment.

Whitening and skin rejuvenation: Because the wavelength part is absorbed by water, it has a certain effect on improving skin quality.

Product advantages:

·Condensation point semiconductor freezing point hair removal laser adopts imported laser with German micro-channel refrigeration technology.

·Deionization system to ensure the absolute purity of circulating water.

·Precise constant temperature system, truly realizes painless hair removal at freezing point, and guarantees the relative freezing point constant temperature of 4°C of the sapphire skin protection system.

8-inch color touch screen makes your operation more convenient and free.

808nm semiconductor laser beauty therapy hand tool achieves fast and easy hair removal.

With the growing number of beauty salons, store managers are under enormous pressure, and great efforts have been made to scratch the scalp in order for skin management to survive better.

When it comes to survival strategies and characteristics, the editor believes that there are two main aspects: one is service, and the other is technology. Now the services of the skin management store are all top notch, then the spelling technology, but what is the technology?

Beauty equipment has become a sharp tool for ice-breaking operations in beauty salons. Since everyone says that beauty salon equipment is really important for the survival of a skin management store, what advantages does it have?

Maybe if I say save, the boss will think I’m lying. Beauty equipment in the existing market, from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, hundreds of thousands of dollars, need to buy related consumables later, where to save money

Why you see the difficulty of recruiting staff at this skin management shop is well known. Not only is it difficult to recruit, it is also difficult to manage. The skin manager rolled up the quilt and left, possibly with the girls and sisters in the shop.

However, if there are beauty equipment and high-tech equipment in the store that are operated intelligently, there is no need to spend too much time on training the operation of skin management equipment, and it is also necessary to minimize the technical loss brought to the beauty salon after job-hopping. The superiority of the store is not going away.

For example, for traditional care items such as weight loss, slimming, and whitening, the simple use of products can no longer meet the needs of consumers, and they must rely on beauty equipment. Such as rf microneedling machine, electrical muscle stimulation machine, etc. to improve the nursing effect.

Fast fashion is aimed at all beauty and fashion industries. It can be composed of cosmetics, clothing, and beauty. Beauty is the management of the skin and body. Compared with traditional beauty methods, high-tech beauty equipment has reached a higher level in terms of beauty and beauty effects, and it saves time for stores.

At present, the cosmetic equipment market is saturated, but only for old products, the market demand is always objective.

Hair removal, breast enhancement, blemishes, skin regeneration, etc. are all very traditional care items, but traditional products alone are not effective. It is very necessary to use instruments and equipment to improve efficiency, and it is also a favorable factor to promote the development of the instrument market.

But LEFIS is at this point: the owner of the beauty salon must not give up the method of beauty because of the introduction of beauty equipment, nor can it be rejected completely because of the rejection of the beauty equipment. The beauty salon should improve the selection according to the specific skin condition of the customer. Effect.

In short, with the development of the times and the development of technology, if the skin management store does not want to be eliminated by the times, it must catch up with the wave of technology, but don’t lose the skills of housework! If you want to have stronger competitiveness, then Come to LEFIS to understand!

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