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Can microneedling really remove acne marks? How much do you know about it?
September 12, 2021

Everyone who has acne knows that it is easy to get rid of acne, but the acne marks and pits left behind are more difficult to get rid of. But no matter how difficult it is, most beauty lovers are taking a different approach to acne scar repair. “Micro-needling beauty plastic” is one of the ways to get rid of acne.

Microneedles, that is, tiny needles, small needles. In recent years, it has been widely used in the field of beauty, and has a very good curative effect on beauty-damaging diseases such as pigmentation and wrinkles. At present, it is called “micro-needle mesotherapy” in the beauty industry.

The origin and development of microneedling mesotherapy

Micro-needle mesotherapy originated from France and was first applied to clinical treatment of various diseases by physician  Dr.Michel Pistor in 1952, including sports injury, joint pain and skin lesions; The Ministry of Medicine (French Academy of  Medicine) officially included Microneedle Meso as one of the legitimate traditional medicine treatment programs. In 1988, Italian dermatologists discovered that when phosphatidylcholine was injected under the skin, it had the effect of dissolving and eliminating fat, and microneedle mesotherapy officially entered the market of beauty rejuvenation. The United States took the lead in introducing  Mesotherapy  for medical cosmetic purposes, which immediately set off a boom in the local area and was widely reported by local media. Famous current affairs information programs and magazines such as  20/20, 48Hours ABCNEWS, S.NEWS&Wolrd Report, Inside Edition, Elle, Vogue , People, Allure, Harpers Bazaar , etc. are all eager to introduce this revolutionary new beauty technology. So far, more than 15,000 doctors around the world, including Europe, the United Kingdom, and Central and South America, have participated in training and providing this therapy. It is also widely used in the beauty field in China.

The principle of microneedling mesotherapy

The principle of micro-needle mesoplastic is to use a micro-needle roller to stimulate the skin and create a large number of micro-channels, so that the active ingredients can effectively penetrate into the skin. At the same time, fine rolling acupuncture can also stimulate the proliferation of collagen and fibroblasts in the dermis. This kind of minimally invasive uses “micro-needles” smaller than 30G fine needles to perform micro-needling actions, and is combined with special effects products such as wrinkle removal, whitening, repair, stretch mark removal, and scar removal. When the new cells are regenerated, the nutrients of the microneedle are fully converted into the active substances of the cells. Micro-needling therapy is not only “micro-trauma”, it can make the skin heal quickly, but also helps to lighten wrinkles and pigmentation, improve skin texture, even skin tone and increase skin elasticity without leaving scars.

Comparison of the effects of microneedling mesotherapy

In general traditional methods, active nutrients can only penetrate into the barrier layer of the epidermis (ie, the stratum corneum), and the effect is not significant. In order to solve this problem, scientists have developed microneedle therapy after numerous studies. This micro-needle therapy can effectively improve the penetration ability of nutrients, penetrate the cells of the epidermis and dermis of the skin, and the effect is particularly significant. Furthermore, micro-needle therapy stimulates the wound self-healing ability of the dermis, thereby stimulating the skin and promoting the proliferation of collagen, which can increase the thickness of the epidermis by about 8%. The cosmetic effect of micro-needle therapy is comparable to that of laser and filler. type of plastic surgery.

The University of Marburg in Germany conducted a comparative test on the penetration of microneedle therapy: using a general cream, nutrients are delivered to the skin through lipid vesicles, which can penetrate less than 0.3% of the nutrients into the skin; secondly, using microneedles After treatment, the nutrients delivered to the skin through lipid vesicles penetrate into the stratum corneum forty times higher than normal creams.

Advantages of Microneedling Mesotherapy

1. Does not destroy the integrity of the skin structure;

2. Gradually remove toxins and wastes from the deep layers of the skin;

3. Establish a large number of skin micro-channels to deliver basic beauty products;

4. Directly deliver the required active ingredients to the best absorption position of the skin. With the symptomatic effect of ACMETEA biological protein factor, the purpose is clear, the effect is remarkable, and the penetration rate of product ingredients is higher than that of ordinary beauty products;

5. Stimulate the skin’s self-healing ability, cooperate with repairing collagen, promote skin metabolism, and maintain skin elasticity and beauty;

6. Activate cells, repair damaged tissues, directly participate in cell metabolism, and achieve the effects of wrinkle removal, enhancement, whitening and anti-aging;

7. The unique bioactive ingredients promote the enhancement of cellular immunity, slow down skin aging, and maintain a youthful state for a long time;

8. Utilize the natural healing ability of wounds to induce the skin’s own nutrition and collagen growth;

9. Small side effects, significant efficacy, safe and reliable, simple operation, no trauma, also known as “noon break beauty”.

Disadvantages of Microneedling Mesotherapy

1. Microneedling is generally not used alone, and is often supplemented with nutrient repair collagen ACMETEA after acupuncture treatment. Different diseases can use different nutrients, such as chlorosis, dull and dull skin, uneven skin tone, and hyperpigmentation, biological whitening ingredients can be used to directly act on the basal melanin, inhibit the formation of melanin, lighten spots, and accelerate the metabolism of metabolites. Go, remove the free radicals that cause human aging, thereby delaying skin aging, making the skin white and smooth, delicate as silk; forehead lines, Sichuan lines, neck lines, nasolabial lines, expression lines and other wrinkles, use ACMETEA biological protein, the effect It promotes collagen synthesis, regenerates collagen fibrous tissue, stretches dry lines and wrinkles, reverses aging, and restores plump and firm skin.

2. Micro-needle therapy, generally, the effect of one treatment is not obvious. Micro-needle mesoplastic achieves the effect of removing wrinkles by activating autologous cell regeneration. The normal metabolic cycle of the skin takes 28 days. Generally, there will be more obvious effects before the third treatment, and the effect of cooperating with repairing collagen is Superimposed.

3. After receiving the treatment, the light yellow marks at the position where some people receive acne marks will fade slowly. During the operation, the color of hemosiderin in the local micro-wound gradually changes from red to pale yellow during the healing metabolism. It will disappear completely within a day or two. People who retreat slowly are mostly older, with relatively poor self-repair ability and low absorption function. During the period, the use of micro-needle mesoplastic repair products (ACMETEA) can help rapid absorption and metabolism.

The risk of acne scar removal with microneedling mesotherapy

Micro-needle cosmetology belongs to this type of medical cosmetology project. Some institutions or cosmetology places do not have corresponding qualification certificates. Some cosmetologists have not been formally trained, and the disinfection during the cosmetology process is not strict or the operation is not standardized, resulting in skin infection, allergy, inflammation, scarring Itching, redness, closed acne, etc. At the same time, the precautions required before and after surgery are unknown and understood, and ACMETEA is not equipped, resulting in insufficient collagen nutrition of the subject, causing scars, pits, and uneven skin recovery.

Micro-needling is a physical beauty method. Micro-needles pierce the surface of the skin and cause the skin tissue to repair itself. The transparent liquid secreted during repair is mainly collagen and hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid). When the collagen is insufficient, skin allergies will occur. Side effects such as inflammation (dermatitis), itching, redness, scarring, unevenness, closed comedones, etc.

Precautions for microneedling

1. During the treatment period, eat less spicy food, do not drink heavily pigmented beverages, avoid sunlight, computer radiation, do not apply irritating cosmetics, do not touch water for 12 hours, avoid sauna during the course of treatment, and eat more fruits and foods containing VC;

2. Safe and reliable medical dressings should be used after surgery, such as collagen dressings extracted from bovine Achilles tendon. This type of collagen has a complete triple helix structure, which is the same as the human body’s own collagen space structure, which is easier to absorb and fill. Defective collagen has good film-forming and repairing effects, suitable for postoperative skin;

3. Serious heart attack, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, poor blood coagulation mechanism, nervous system disorder, scarring hyperplasia skin Use with caution.

4. Pregnancy, lactation and menstrual period are prohibited.

Patients with folliculitis and dermatitis are contraindicated;

Special tips for microneedling

1. Lifespan of microneedles

Microneedles have a service life of about 15-20 times. According to the frequency of 1 use per week, it should not exceed 5 months. It needs to be replaced every 5 months. Then one microneedling can only be used by one person, so microneedling is not a permanent product!

2. Frequency of use of microneedles

Microneedling is generally recommended to be used once a week. Then the microneedles can be divided into 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm and so on. And 1.5 mm and later belong to the medical category, and household use is not allowed. For personal use, 1.5mm is generally the most effective. However, it is still recommended that the microneedling starts from a small 0.2mm, and then goes to 0.5mm; it is better to go to 1.5mm in sequence at the end.

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