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Can laser tattoo removal be cleaned?
September 12, 2021

Many people have tattoos on their bodies, but they want to remove them after a period of time. We know that the tattoos were pierced into the flesh one by one, so it can be stored for a long time, so it is very difficult to clean. Easy, in daily life, many people will use laser to remove tattoos, laser tattoo removal is a very safe way to remove tattoos. So, can best professional laser tattoo removal machine wash tattoos cleanly? Below I use my own experience to answer this question, I hope to help friends.

The principle of laser tattoo removal is to use the laser to enter the lesion area to vaporize and smash the pigment, so that the color of the tattoo is reduced. Usually lighter tattoos can be more obvious with one treatment, or even completely eliminated, but most tattoos require multiple treatments. Lasers of different colors can be absorbed by the skin of different colors. The use of laser energy can quickly vaporize the dye particles and seal the blood vessels, so that the body absorbs the dye particles and excretes them from the body, and the pigment subsides. Because lasers of different wavelengths are only absorbed by corresponding pigments, and only diseased cells can absorb specific lasers. The treatment also controls the depth of the skin the laser can reach, and the pulse can be adjusted to minimize skin damage.

Ipl laser tattoo removal machine to remove tattoos:

1. Generally speaking, the effect of laser hair removal machine on shallow tattoos is obvious after one treatment, or even completely eliminated, but most of them usually require multiple treatments. Because the treatment effect has a lot to do with the nature of the tattoo dye, ordinary tattoos, because the tattoo dyes used are mostly ordinary ink, not only have coarse particles, but also have a lot of impurities, so the treatment is difficult.

2. In addition, color tattoos are more difficult to treat than monochrome tattoos, and require more treatments. The interval between each laser cleaning tattoo is 1-3 months, so that the tattoo can be cleaned. Some beauty seekers Longer treatment may be required, this is something to be aware of.

3. If the tattoo is not big and the color is light, it can be cleaned up in about one time, but if the area is large and the color is colorful, it may take less than three times to clean up. But it can ensure that everyone restores the original smoothness of the skin, so it is worth worrying about.

Diode laser tattoo removal is very scientific, not only through the ultra-pulse time of milliseconds and micro-milliseconds, laser tattoo removal can penetrate the epidermis of the skin and reach the deep layer of the skin instantly, and the pigment particles inside the skin are instantly smashed, and the smashed pigment particles It will be slowly transported away after being phagocytosed by the human body.

There may be short-term redness and swelling and other reactions during tattoo treatment, which will disappear on their own. During the healing period, you can apply antibacterial ointment or oral inflammatory drugs to avoid secondary infection and avoid direct sunlight and ultraviolet radiation; laser tattoo removal for 1 week The left and right fall off, and some normal temporary pigmentation may appear after surgery, which will gradually be absorbed. Before the scabs of laser tattoo removal peel off, the treatment area should not be exposed to water or rubbed.

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