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How much do you know about the functional classification and principle of beauty instrument?
September 12, 2021

Beauty instrument is a common beauty tool. Do friends who have used it really feel effective? Have you ever thought about whether this will have a negative effect. All beauty instruments are used by zero distance contact of the probe on the facial skin, which can shrink pores, tighten skin, and increase skin elasticity. At the same time, it can also enhance the metabolism of the skin and discharge the garbage in the pores out of the body.

However, not all people and all skin types are suitable for using beauty instrument. Whether it is necessary to buy a beauty instrument mainly depends on the personal skin condition and personal economic status. The details vary from person to person. Beauty instrument is a kind of equipment that uses physics, electronic technology, optics and other methods to give people beauty. Its working principle will be different according to different categories.



Functional classification and principle of beauty instrument


01. RF Beauty Instrument




Heat can make the subcutaneous collagen shrink and tighten, take cooling measures on the skin surface, thicken the skin dermis and reshape the shape of subcutaneous collagen.




Wrinkle removal + firming + slimming will produce new collagen, and the skin will become more compact after treatment.


Radio frequency beauty instrument


02. Automobile beauty instrument




Nano mist with steam size of about 20000 ~ 1 billion parts promotes the absorption of beauty ingredients.




Maintain skin water and oil balance and help subsequent skin care products absorb


Effectively resist dry skin and quickly restore the moisture of skin elasticity.


03. LED red, green and blue light beauty instrument




Different skin care effects can be achieved by using different wavelengths of red, green and blue light sources




Firming and wrinkle removing + whitening and freckle removing + sterilization and acne removing + comprehensively improving skin quality


Red light tightens wrinkles, yellow light whitens and dispels spots, and blue light sterilizes and dispels acne.


Trichromatic full light can comprehensively improve skin quality.


04. Micro current (EMS) beauty instrument




Through photoelectric plate and ceramic roller, it is transformed into micro current similar to biological current. Germanium and platinum fully conduct the micro current to skin cells.




Lift + tighten, which can achieve the effect of thin face and beauty when used.


Promote skin metabolism, activate cells, restore skin elasticity and firmness.


05. Ultrasonic beauty instrument




Through ultrasound, the skin cells vibrate internally, activate cells, promote blood circulation and lymphatic flow, and eliminate waste




Eliminate red blood and fade acne marks.


Promote blood circulation and tighten thin face.


Accelerate metabolism, lighten spots and prevent wrinkles.

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