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Are microneedles permanent what are the advantages of microneedles
September 12, 2021

Have you ever heard of microneedles in life? Do you want to know about microneedles? Today xiaobian and everyone to understand it, is the microneedle permanent, and what are the advantages of the microneedle? Let’s learn together.


Are microneedles permanent

Nothing can be a one-time shot to get the effect we want, and microneedles are the same. Most girls are looking at the microneedle with the elimination of acne spots and wrinkles to choose it, but do a microneedle to achieve perfect results that is basically impossible. According to the survey, it usually takes three treatments to see significant results, which means you need to do microneedles for at least three consecutive months.




What are the advantages of microneedles

Micro needle therapy, almost no side effects, recovery period is short, the micro trauma healing quickly, leaving no scars, micro needle’s biggest function is to improve skin quality, because the micro needle can stimulate collagen regeneration, therefore can achieve obvious shrink pores, reduce superficial wrinkles and a certain degree of bright white, but can improve black rim of the eye symptoms caused by staying up late, Perfect for everyday skin care. It allows skin cells to directly absorb the genetic active ingredients needed by the skin through tiny tubes, with an absorption effect of nearly 100 percent, so it can be tailored to individual needs. At the same time, it can stimulate the dermis, promote ossein proliferation through the skin’s self-healing ability, regenerate new cells from inside to outside, and completely improve the previous problem skin quality.




What should we pay attention to after finishing microneedle

1. Don’t swim


Beauty fanciers had better not swim after finishing microne beauty, because no matter in the swimming pool or in the river swimming, swimming water is not pure, but contains a lot of bacteria and sundry water. After finishing the microneedle, the barrier function of the skin is temporarily destroyed, and the protective mechanism is very fragile. Therefore, after finishing the microneedle, do not go swimming until the recovery is good.


2. Avoid hot places


Girls who love beauty need to pay attention to avoid high temperature places after finishing microneedles, can not go to sauna and hot bath, because there will be some water vapor in high temperature places, into the face after finishing microneedles, so it is easy to cause infection and reproduction. Therefore, after finishing microneedles, it is necessary to avoid going to high temperature places.


Don’t rub your skin


After a microneedle treatment, some girls want to see if their skin has improved, so they touch and rub. However, it is best not to touch and rub the skin after finishing the microne, because rubbing the skin will damage the epidermis, causing dry, rough, redness and other reactions. So it’s best not to rub your skin after you do the microneedles.




What’s the difference between microneedles and water light needles

Both microneedles and water-light needles work by opening a passage through the epidermis into the mesoderm, allowing nutrients to be absorbed. The main difference between microneedles and water-light needles lies in their different efficacy. The main function of the microneedle is to eliminate acne marks and improve the overall skin quality, while the water-light needle injections hyaluronic acid moisturizing ingredients, so as to achieve the effect of improving skin moisture.

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