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7 things you want to know about the 808nm diode laser?
September 12, 2021

Hair removal is a very successful beauty project, that is, a beauty project that can achieve the desired effect with less expenditure. Compared with traditional IPL hair removal, 808 semiconductor laser hair removal mainly reflects the following advantages: 1. Higher comfort , Because it is a single effective wavelength, the pain is lower under the premise of ensuring the effect. 2. The hair color can be easily taken off.

best laser hair removal machine

The 808 hair removal device is an effective hair removal method. The 808 semiconductor laser hair removal instrument system adopts the gold standard laser with a wavelength of 808nm. Adhering to all its advantages and characteristics, the laser technology is creatively upgraded and integrated, so as to improve the hair removal efficiency, the laser output energy is more uniform, the cooling comfort is further improved, While the failure rate of the laser instrument is greatly reduced, its lifespan is improved, the operating hands are lighter, and the hair removal efficiency is improved.

The 808 hair removal device makes full use of the principle of laser photothermolysis. After the rich melanin tissue in the hair follicle absorbs a large amount of laser energy, the temperature rises sharply. While destroying the melanin tissue such as the hair follicle and hair shaft, it uses the principle of thermal diffusion to The supporting tissues of the stem cells around the hair follicles are thermally damaged without causing damage to the adjacent tissues, which fundamentally prevents the resurrection and growth of the hair, thereby permanently removing the hair (permanent meaning: between the current hair).

808 hair removal for different cycles of hair

1) Act on the skin surface by 808nm laser. The laser is passed through the skin to the point where the concentration of melanin in the hair is highest.

2) Light is converted into heat energy, and the hair rods and most of the hair evaporate instantly. Then the high temperature acts on the hair and also destroys the follicular epithelium, and the upper part of the hair disappears.

3) The hair cycle is divided into 3 phases – growth phase, recession phase and resting phase. The hair follicles in the growth phase contain more melanin, and the hair follicles have the best hair removal effect at this stage, but only 10%-20% of the hair is in the growth phase, so it is necessary to completely remove the hair according to the course of treatment. During the degenerative period, the melanin in the hair follicle is decreasing, and in the telogen phase, there is no melanin in the hair follicle. Therefore, laser hair removal should be done at intervals and in several times, so that it can be targeted at all periods of hair, and the effect will be more satisfactory.

The scope of application of 808 hair removal equipment

Remove excess hair from various parts of the body, such as: face, arms, back, chest, underarms, bikini line hair removal, legs, etc.

808 semiconductor hair removal advantages

1. 808 semiconductor laser: fast and reliable.

2. Stable: 808nm semiconductor laser has stable performance and long service life; it adopts intelligent microprocessor for real-time control.

3. Fast: 12*12mm square large spot, large area hair removal, high efficiency and fast speed.

4. Effective: The laser wavelength of 808nm is in the near-infrared (0.75-1.50μm) region of the spectrum. The melanin is well absorbed and can penetrate the deep layers of the dermis and subcutaneous adipose tissue, acting on hair in different parts and depths.

5. Comfortable: Sapphire cooling can cool the epidermis to 0~4℃. Cool down all the way, feel right and pain free.

6. Convenience: It adopts an intuitive and easy-to-operate man-machine interface-touch screen, which is convenient and quick to operate.

7. Hair removal: suitable for hair of various skin types, with good hair removal effect

Is 808 Freezing Point Painless Hair Removal Safe?

808 Freezing Point Painless Hair Removal is a very safe laser hair removal method. It is highly professional, has no side effects on the human body, and has almost no effect on the skin. It also has the effects of whitening and skin rejuvenation.

Is it effective to take it off once?

According to experts, 808 freezing point painless hair removal generally takes three to five times to remove the hair cleanly. There are two reasons:

First, most of the hair follicles are bundled together in groups of three and open in the same pore. A hair in a pore is the hair that grows from one of the three hair follicles in the group below it, so one treatment can only destroy one group. one of the hair follicles in;

The second is that hair growth goes through the growth phase, the regression phase, and the telogen phase. In the growth phase, the painless hair removal of Freezing Point 808 is 75% effective, the regression phase is 25%, and the telogen phase is almost ineffective.

Will 808 freezing point painless hair removal affect perspiration?

Safe 808 freezing point painless hair removal does not affect perspiration. Because sweating mainly depends on the eccrine glands, and the openings of the eccrine glands are not in the hair follicles. At the same time, 808 painless hair removal removes the hair follicles and does not damage the sweat glands, so it does not affect human metabolism and perspiration.

Its principle is the principle of selective thermodynamics: that is, the selected wavelength only acts on melanin, not on normal skin tissue; the selected pulse width only acts on melanin in hair follicles, but not on melanin in the basal layer of skin .

Does 808 Freezing Point Painless Hair Removal harm the skin?

No damage. The human skin is a relatively light-transmitting structure. Clinical experiments of plastic and cosmetic experts have found that in front of a powerful laser, the skin is simply a transparent cellophane, so the laser can penetrate the skin and reach the hair follicle very smoothly. A lot of melanin, so it can preferentially absorb a large amount of laser energy and finally convert it into heat energy, which increases the temperature of the hair follicle and achieves the purpose of destroying the function of the hair follicle. In this process, since the skin does not absorb laser energy relatively, or absorbs a very small amount of laser energy, the skin itself will not have any damage.

After 808 Freezing Point Painless Hair Removal, will the hair get darker and darker?

The hair remaining after laser or strong light treatment will become thinner and lighter in color, and it will not become darker and darker. People who use these methods for a long time, such as shaving, plucking, depilatory cream, wax paper, etc., will gradually thicken, harden and darken their hair.

Is 808 Freezing Point Painless Hair Removal the same for everyone and all parts?

The frequency of 808 freezing point painless hair removal is closely related to the location, the color and thickness of the hair, and the type of skin. Usually, the whiter the skin tone, the darker and thicker the hair, the better the reflection, and the better the hair removal effect.

Can you sunbathe immediately after freezing painless hair removal?

After 808 freezing point hair removal, it is not suitable to sunbathe immediately. After shaving, the hair follicles and the stratum corneum of the skin will fall off together, and the protective function of the skin surface will decrease, so it is not suitable to sunbathe immediately. If the method of plucking is used, the epidermis is instantly congested during the plucking process, which is easy to be sensitive, and further irritation of the skin should be avoided.

After knowing the knowledge of the 808 laser hair removal device, I believe you are more confident in the beauty device you are using now. If you want to know more and more professional beauty industry consulting, then click the button below to contact us!

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