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LEFIS has obtained authoritative safety certification through continuous optimization of technology, and has cooperated with world-renowned optoelectronic accessories companies. It help agents and beauty salons continue to expand the market share of the beauty industry and continuously improve their profitability.

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16years and counting

With 16 years of precipitation and development in the beauty industry, LEFIS has grown into China's leading comprehensive service provider of beauty equipment and one of the most influential Chinese beauty equipment brands in the world. Relying on the high performance and high safety of beauty equipment, it is trusted and supported by many customers around the world!
LEFIS continues to absorb the world's advanced technology. Cooperate with world-renowned accessories companies to continuously upgrade accessories and technology, forming medical equipment Large-scale operation. It provide global customers with advanced technology and safety-guaranteed beauty equipment!


LEFIS understands your concerns

LEFIS knows that your biggest concern is the advancment and the safety of the equipment when you choose beauty equipment.
Based on these two points, we constantly innovate and improve the performance of beauty equipment with the world's advanced technology; in order to ensure the safety of beauty equipment, we have obtained a series of international certifications, such as FDA, EU CE certification, ISO13485, ROHS, CFDA, German VDE certification, etc.

High quality manufacturing at scale

Key to our successful manufacturing of quality products lies in state-of-the-art production processes and facilities as well as experienced employees.
  • 5000

    Square sheet of warehouse and factory

  • 8

    Production Lines

  • 150+


  • 100+

    Instock styles

  • 500

    Pcs daily

  • 50+

    Exported countries

LEFIS dares to promise you:

  • Technological innovation

    Taking science and technology as the benchmark, LEFIS has been committed to the research and development of the world's advanced technology, and strives to provide customers with beauty equipment with more market potential.

  • Safety is greater than sales

    LEFIS always takes safety over sales as the foundation of the company's survival, takes product quality as the core, and strictly controls every link in the production process.

  • Strong after-sales service

    LEFIS understands your concerns in the use of beauty equipment, we provide full after-sales service and put your concerns at the core of our problem solving.

"In the face of the ever-growing beauty industry and the trust of more and more customers, we can only take technology and safety as the core of the enterprise, and not forget the original intention of sustainable development. Facing the future of the beauty industry, LEFIS will also continue to innovate, take professional creation of beauty as its mission, and strive for the cause of human beauty for life."

Liu Shuai




Beauty can change and even age with the passage of time, how to maintain and create beauty is the meaning of the development of beauty technology.Safety first is our only constant principle, and on this basis, we will continue to improve the advanced technology of beauty equipment, so that everyone can become beautiful safely and effectively. Whether you are a buyer or an individual beauty salon, we provide you with an integrated solution that runs through procurement, production, sales, use, and after-sales.